On; Being Aquarian

  • 12 signs. Being Aquarian is one of the more interesting.........

    Woman are of course slightly different then the men in this sign, but Aquarian all the same.

    We are a sign that is first of all human. We are represented by a human pouring out water that represents knowlege. Our bodies appear to be earth-bound, while we are anything but earthly fixed and bound. Most of us are equiped spiritually to hold court with sages..we read our horoscopes to check if they're right not for instruction. We can spot one another from a crowded room. We all possess a sparkle in our eyes that serve as a becon of light that draws all that are intriged by other worldly awareness close by. We don't actually believe that we are superiour to other signs; that would be totally un-aquarian. What we do believe is that the cosmic knowlege that is so readily availible to us as water is to life; should be given out freely to whom-ever needs or desires it.

  • How are the women differant from the men in this sign? Can you tell me more about Aquarians?

  • And how does an Aquarian woman differ from an Aquarian man in regards to sharing feelings, being vulnerable and letting others into their world. Do either one fall in love easily or does it lingers in both genders minds forever first? Do they retreat from things that seem too impossible? I would think as a rebel...they would know no bounds to a challenge. Many aguarian men do not need others as much as other signs. Are aquarian women like that too?

  • I am aqaurian and sometimes get apprehensive about change and not very political as my sign suggests

  • The differences between the male and female aquarians...

    *Female aquarians won't wait for a man to do anything for her, anything a man can do, she can do.

    *She doesn't wait for doors to be opened for her, or be called/asked out first. If she likes you, she won't wait around, she'll let you know.

    *Personally speaking as a female aquarian, in comparison with a relationship i had with a male aquarian, I was more secure with my feelings and takings risks etc whilst still staying spiritually connected to who i am, with anyone and everyone including myself. I sussed him out straight away when he tried to lie to me. After a few months, when i was also on the verges of letting him know that i didn't feel anything for him any more(i like to get straight to the point), he called me up and meekly ended it. But when I told him I was just about to do the same and was happy that it had come to such a mutual agreement, he became more upset about it than I was. He also tried to keep me interested in him, after all of that. (which didn't work as there was already someone else for me). He also got very agitated and frustrated with me when I showed no interest in him what so ever after that... But I guess that is because i wanted to cut all emotional ties. And that would also have meant the 'spiritual' one that we once had and valued.

    (He apparently couldn't do it because of the distance .. between uk and australia...it was apparently too hard for him. I however...believed that had my feelings been stronger for him, I would have definately moved continents. And expected that so would he. But the thought clearly hadn't crossed his mind. He always needed the reassurance too and it got really tiresome for me. I thought we were connected. But it felt very onesided after a while. So its a good job I didn't settle into that one. I later found out that he wasn't as faithful as he had made himself out to be. Atleast I had let him know when I had my fun the once and he didnt have to hear it from someone else like I did.)

    I've also seen these similar traits acted out in other aqaurius-aquarius relationships. The female one is always quicker to move on and get on with life like nothing happened. I think male aquarians feel a little on edge when with a fellow aqaurius female, in relationship terms. I might be wrong though? Aquarian males often come with a laughable superiority stride to them. As much as I love it, I also hope they know that an aquarian female can give as good as she gets. But as confident and strong as a female aquarian is, you have to remember she still has feelings. Just like anyone else. And for any sign to be together, there has to be a mutual respect for eachother.

    Other info....

    I'm an aquarius and from a very early age in all my previous relationships, my sense of freedom/space has been vital to me, and still is to this today.

    I tend to flitter and always have someone that comes along in a short space of time right after a break up or end of 'relationship'/'spark'.

    In my younger years, I've never felt the need to be attached to anyone or just one person. And therefore at some points, have had several connections very closely timed...but not in that one-night-stand sort of way. Most of those experiences were mainly with a few very close best-friend-like friendships that had developed into something more spiritually connected than anything else for me.

    I've never needed to be in the accompany of whoever i'm with, all of the time. Or to feel the need to call them alot and/or to await their calls etc. I've always been surrounded by friends of all genres and ages. In general, we also only reciprocate what we're really feeling at the time. And when I say "at the time", it can mean anything from 5 mins to an hour to a day to a week to a month.. etc etc.

    But thats not to say that aquarians can't show emotion or find it hard to. I believe we can and we do so in our own unique aquarian ways. We also like to stay grounded with our feelings and not make something out to be something that it isn't, especially if its one-sided/not fully there. I believe that we are one of the strongest believers in love. Once we're in love, we're truly passionate and although it may not mean that we'll be serenading your window every night, we are more than likely to be dreaming of you every night and feeling inspired from it by day.

    Infact, an aquarius is more likely to make a bestfriend out of a lover and that will be one of the main strenghts of the relationship.

    You have to also remember, aquarians love to play and have fun, but also love a lot of lone time for recharging and being with themselves.

    No matter how in love they are. they also tend to do this with friends too.(I can go for 2 months atleast, without seeing a close friend)

    They also will get bored if a relationship is only but a relationship.. they need more levels to a 'relationship', even if you argue/debate/have a strange interest in aliens/wildlife/history etc, brain stimulation is very important. This goes for any type of relationship.

    They see "love" as wild and free, like them. If you cannot chase and keep up with them/start to doubt them, you will lose connection... and most likely drift apart.

    Like every sign, aquarius does have a sensitive side. They may not show it too often, but they're still very much human inside. They still need special care and to feel that you have a PERSONAL interest in them and that the sparks between you both are growing and not at a stand still/fading out. Aquarius is better suited to someone who is confident and a whole person on their own, who isn't scared of what the future may or may not hold, who will take risks and have fun at the same time, who is not insecure, can be by themselves, with the ability to stimulate the aquarius mind

    Apparently Libra is a very good match for aquarius but I personally find libras too safe and their inability to know what THEY want/and always 'settling' in the name of peace for all.... I find it really pretencious.

    I want someone who wants me as passionately as I'd want them.

    But I also want someone who is their own person and can let it shine through, instead of trying to please everyone at the same time.

    Libras do fall in love easily.. and yet start to doubt themselves at the oddest of times.

    This can be rather dull for an aquarius to have to put up with.,especially if aquarius is feeling like they're slowing drifting apart.

    Libras have a very jealous streak too. But as amusing as i find it, I get put off by how much confidence a libra can lose to it. My libra male thinks about the other guys who like me, more than i have ever thought about them, let alone noticed them. And he would crawl into a shell and not be the confident, fun, connected, sweet libra that i fell for. And I would lose interest.

    Personally for me, Pisces isnt a too good match either.

    As friends, they seem very wary and unsure of an Aquarius. I just feel a lot of doubtful insecure energy from them.

    As a relationship, this doubtful energy from them definately doesn't go in their favour.

    Aquarius with aquarius... I find that as friends, we drift in and out of each other's lives but still maintain a closeknit friendship. Also, all aquarians are every different from each other. I had two bestfriends that were also fellow aquarians. One of them actually hated me to begin with but later on, who would have thought we'd develop very strong emotional feelings for eachother.

    As a relationship, judging from my past experiences, aquarians definately flitter alot.

    They remind me a little of geminis except that we would rather not be in that position. My understanding of this is that aquarians thrive on their own space, and are not ready to settle unless that space can always be maintained equally, without drifting apart/losing connection/passion from the other.

    I've noticed that scorpios are also very wary of aquarians, and although we get along, if a scorpio is mistakenly convinced that an aquarian's fun loving nature and love for so much space might mean that they are up to no good behind their backs... aquarius will be quick to move on from the drama than to have their natural behavior put under such scrutiny because of someone else's insecurities. Scorpio may also find it hard to connect with aquarians ways of showing their emotions.

    Anyways...sorry to witter on, but hope all this helps!

  • My friend is an Aquarius married to an Aquarian ...in fact their birthdays are a day apart...he is one day older than her. They met when they were 17 and still together at 46...(married 26 years). They've had 8 children!!! Their relationship hasn't been plain sailing and I'm not sure that my friend has been 100% faithful ....

    My oldest and youngest children (sons) are Aquarians ...very socialable, not very lovey dovey.and definitely are not emotional. Just like my friends I've just described and also my mum and ex father in law (both Aquarians)...

    Me, I'm surrounded by Aquarian friends...I'm a gemini with an Aquarian moon and libra rising!

  • Aquarius woman here. I was married to a Leo for 5 years who fought tooth and nail to stay married after indiscretions and it was 10 years before I remarried a Libra TOTAL DISASTER tht put me on a path to meet Leo I have care for faithfully the past nearly 7 years now.

    He and I agree we feel spiritually connected and are meant to be together and I know for sure I feel completely complimented by his charactor and spirit. Work and stuff aside may take more time for things to work out for us to be together and forever wanting to find my very best to offer all things in life I consulted my sample cosmic report which cautioned that I am not in touch with my feelings and am cautioned against being know it all. I don't know what on earth to do with that?

    Not so unemotional Aquarian that feels my way through life is a little confused trying to apply the cautions with a few other traits and appreciate the very nice composites.

    Much welcome suggestions to light the way.

    Blessings and thanks.

  • Hi can anyone tell me what what is my sun sign or rising sign. I was born Jan 13, 1962

  • well one thing for sure.!!!!!!!!!! AQUARIANS AS WE ARE.. WE ALL LOVE TO OFFER ADVICE.. ARE NOT KEEN TO ACCEPT ANY OF IT OFFERED AND.. WE LOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEE TO TALK.. cut someone off at the knees if the disagree with our points of views , if not. openly then secretly eh folks.. lol cheers.. Desiree.

  • Lucky you.. you got a good planetary set up.. !~~ Desiree.

  • Desiree, so true. lol. Guilty.

    Grandma always said, is hard for us to see ourselves but easy to see all things in others.

    Do we all have an internal wall or something? Don't know about other water bearers but I have hard time even knowing how to ask for help, I just feel lost about it or something but sure know I need help, big time.

    Hey, that is cool how you can see planetary line up, Would you look at mine please? 021659


  • aquarius woman here,,, I tend to attract and fall in love with cancer men, but everything I read says we are not compatible! my daughters father is a cancer and i am in love with him but he is so difficult! does anyone know why i attract cancers?

  • well then how do you feel that Aquarious and Sagittarious work?? We, too, love our freedom and space. We are not jealous by nature, and are optimistic and fun, fun, fun!!! I am into an Aquarious now, its my favorite compatible sign since I've been with him! I am NOT offended or intimidated by his need for space.... I DO find MY Aquarious a little TOO distant sometimes.. runs HOT or COLD, and is OFFENDED when I treat him the same way he treats me,interesting... I think Aquarians like it when the other person is really strong.. and able to walk away.. and are attracted by the possibility that another is the same way THEY are!! My man can't believe how strong I am, and says we are the same person and thats why he loves me!!

  • Aquarian woman. I like a confident strong man it takes away that fear of being close when I feel I can depend on them but the minute I sense they "might" be less committed, I take a little step back, did not think it was that obvious lol, maybe looks like running cold and hot and such....ewwww hmm, trust issues.................???

    butterflysag! I feel enlightened, what do youall think?

  • Both my parents are Aquarian, I am one of seven children, - rnrchick had a post with eight. They love each other deeply (39 years this year) but we did not have a very tactile upbringing, it took both of them ages to work out we were not babies any more. I have a good relationship with them but it is very cerebal. We were given encyclopedias to read as kids.

    I do love them to bits though

  • I am a Aquarian man who does not like freedom and wants to have someone around, my best relationship was with a Libra,many years ago,since then 2 Pices which was a total bust one of which I married and we are now divorced .I have found another Libra which I feel very strongly about but just can't get anything going with.According to the my horoscope we are almost perfect for each other I guess we just can't get the chemistry going or could it be I have found the wrong Libra? My horoscope is just about always off it says I'm going to have a good day , it turns out a bad one, sometimes my horoscope is off by a week or two.Needless to say I am very cofused

  • I totally agree!! haha

    Theres always been complaints about me.. being hot and cold.. i don't mean to be.

    But yeah..as soon as i sense weakness etc, i back off and distract my self with other things worth my time, as i see it.

  • 13 jan is Capricorn -- time of day in what place would give your rising sign....

  • I am an Aquarian woman and my partner is also an Aquarian. Our birthdays are 10 years and 2 days apart. We get along very well. We are both emotional and lovey dovey most of the time. We communicate very well in that when there is the slightest hint of conflict we are both just as miserable and wanting to solve it. It gets solved after a thinking process of about half a day where all the sides have been reviewed by both. I feel I am very fortunate and would never agree with the statement: "Opposites attract." I feel that the more you have in common the better. As you get older you love the companionship and comraderie that comes from having

    joint hobbies and interests but also ensuring you have sufficient time on your own to do things apart. Aquarians are people with strong opinions and if their partner has like opinions about the same things, life is heaven. They also need freedom to pursue their own interests because they are well-rounded people who are often engaged in intellectual pursuits.

    I don't believe that Aquarians are stereotypically unemotional at all. It depends on the experiences the person has had. We have both had several disadvantages that have made us realize just how lucky we were to meet. He had to deal with a number of women who never were at his level and had various idiosyncracies. I had to deal with a partner (Scorpio) who was only ever into work, work, work, for his validation. As for Scorpio men being extremely lusty, he certainly was not.

    Aquarians are often not easily understood by others because they are planning and thinking all the time and are often daydreaming or musing about topics or solutions that seem a little far-fetched to others, yet are very legitimate pastimes which often lead to exciting outcomes.

    As for being into all things technical (another stereotype), that is also dependent on a person's age and influences...There are many people over age 50 who refuse to get into computers because they have others in their life who think similarly and they prefer not to stir the pot. Granted, Aquarians usually do not let naysayers get in their way most of the time. I know some Aquarian women who are interested in only the basics about computer literacy and couldn't care less about checking out every aspect of it or of any other new item in the marketplace.

    I believe Aquarians are generally people who have many interests or careers with several sidelines. I myself am a professional in both music and art and teach them about half time each. I find I have lots of energy to pursue other things as well. I am an avid cook, reader,

    organizer, socializer, gardener, and hostess. My life is full of productive things and I have little time to waste on getting embroiled in what is not fruitful.

  • Amen! Couldn't have said it better!

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