Cwb im asking for you to give me a full reading if you can

  • i thank you so much hon... but im having issues with a man named jeff his birthday is 3/24/65... actually jeff gattuso... we have been having a on and off relationship but now it is off and has been for a while... i feel like its not fully over as of yet though... but i just am not forsure if it is because i want him so badly, or if it is really because im right it isnt over... ive been told by psychics in the past who have done tarot readings on me, he is the one ill be with but i need to be patient... the problem is how patient and when... i know it is him they talked about because they have used his name and described him as far as his profession to what he looks like to being a little bald headed etc... to eye color and hair color... he isnt fully bald... and i think this is about it... but their someone else too, a man named daniel tanner, and i think hes nice looking but dont know him well enough to say do i really care or not... but he isnt the one that was described by the psychic i always went to in the past... plus jeff and me have like a bond... it is unique and special and a very long story to get into...

    i would love to remain talking with you, and again i am so so sorry i stepped on your toes last night... i didnt mean any harm by that and i truly understand where you were coming from... but i see you excepted my apology and im thankful for that, and again i hope you wishes and dreams come true as well hon... jaffeebella

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