I desperately need a full reading now

  • im like going out of my mind here... i just dont know what to do or how to handle a situation with the two men that are in my life... one im like head over heals with and the other well is just there... but either way there is an attraction to both, the question is which one is better for me and is going to benefit me in the long run... or if they are... i dont want to ruin it or mess things up, help me please someone...

    so confused


  • What are their birthdates and yours so I can do a compatibility analysis?

  • thanks captain, mine is 2/27/73 one is 03/23/65 and i dont know the other one at all... i just know he is definitly interested in me, but im not sure if im really interested in him, i am interested in the one i just gave the birthday... thanks again, you are awsome...

  • "one im like head over heals with and the other well is just there"

    "but either way there is an attraction to both"

    Contradicting... don't you think? Maybe there is no attraction to the one that is "just" there but you don't mind him being there if the other one isn't?

  • jaffeebella, please do not take this the wrong way, like you when i started on Tarot i was flying about everywhere trying to get answers, what i didn't know was the people that read for us do this from their hearts...They also get bombarded with questions..

    Please know that all your answers you are seeking from all of the readers are answers only you have within yourself..Two men that you care about and care about you, the answers you are seeking is who is going to benefit you in the long run, But "BENIFIT CAN MEAN SOMETHING IN A selfish way also"

    .its who do you love, who will treat you with respect, honour,love,laughter, and who teaches you and you teach them with loving kindness.As a seeker they can only tell you what they see and only you can feel what you feel...I hope that you do find the one who truly loves you for you...

    Just my thoughts, and I do not mean any disrespect,

    Just remember to take the time to think about the answers you are given and not the ones you want to hear.

    Peace.Love and Light


  • That should have read as a see'r not a "seeker" they can only tell you what they see, sorry


  • Hi hun. I know it sucks to be in such a confusing position. Here's my take though. I call it the Ice Cream Theory.

    You know when you really want something sweet so you decide icecream is the perfect solution? You go to the store and wander over to the freezer section and then sit there and deliberate over two or three different kinds. None of the two or three realllllly stand out but all sound a little bit tempting. So, you just pick one and take it home. You open it up and take a bite and it turns out it's not nearly as satisfying as you thought it would be. You could have picked one of the other two and had the same exact outcome.

    My point: you know what you want and you know what you don't want. If you feel like getting a taste of several flavors at the same time it means one thing to me: you don't "want" either, you are just experiencing the taste of them on your tounge... just think about it. There are lots of delicious flavors out there but you know what you want and when you want it. Listen to that in your heart and mind.....

  • gladyouwroteme, Now that's a great analogy hehe..

    peace and light


    aka shatz

  • thank you for this so much... the truth is they are fighting over me now... see they both know me because they are police officers... one lived across the street from me, the other had to do a report on an ex boyfriend that litterally abused,exploided me and raped me... they both helped me tremendesly in their own ways... and now one i already have dated on and off, and cant seem to let go of in my mind... at this point and time we do not talk but ive been told we are bonded strongly and dont let go it is going to work out... i know he does have alot on his plate with his career, for he is going to school to make a little career change... it is still to do with law but in a different area, and he is very focused on that and not a relationship at the moment... the other well asked jeff if he could ask me out and jeff said no... he is holding me up for himself, but not spending anytime or talking to me, yet he is stopping other people from asking me out... not fair... so im confused not as to who will benefit me, who is really the right one for me... and i agree, it isnt about selfish needs it is about who am i going to benefit also... i never have been married and i only want one wedding in my life... but i thank you from the bottom of my heart for the input... i really did love the response and you made me realize how i sounded... although i never meant it that way... its just who is in this for the long term im so tired of being so hurt if that makes any sense to you... jaffeebella

  • honestly hun, you will not know what's right for you until you KNOW who you are... in and out and intimately, to your core. These two men are in positions of protection for you and that is alluring because that is what you feel you missed out on while you endured such horrendous conditions with your ex (huge hugs...I love you and you are worth so much more than what he made you feel you were worth!). You CAN and WILL recover from this but take a step back and utilize the qualities that BOTH of these men brought into your life. Take those lessons and use them to your benefit. You are strong and wise and I would hope that you believe it through and through. Hang in there...you'll KNOW when you meet the right one... he will be a compliment to you but he will not be all that you are lacking. It is up to you to be whole before you can find someone who fits in a way that will not make you dependent upon them. HUGE hugs... HUGE HUGE HUGE hugs.....

  • Jaffeebella, yes it made alot of sense, i'm truly sorry you have been hurt..trust me when i say this i know of the pain you speak about..Just remember to love your self, and everything will fall into place.

    Peace,light and love


  • my journey, thanks so much and i mean it from the bottom of my heart... you made me realize how i sounded... but im not that type of person, i want to complete someone as much as i want to be completed... im a two way street type of girl, if you understand what im saying... and as far as loving myself, im getting back to that... ive been praying and going to healing masses at church every week for this... and believe me when i say it it has helped me so much... i feel more positive also... thanks again so much jaffeebella

  • thank you for this... and i see your point... im lost really... i guess i shouldnt worry about love when i have so much on my plate at the moment... but i am in love with one of the guys as i said weve already been in and out of a relationship... or i should say on and off on and off so on.... i dont know if it is love, but he feels so different, and like you said maybe its because he is a cop i feel very safe with him after what just took place... july of this year only made it a year ago... and i do have to relive alot because of state attorney being involved as far as too prosecute the man that did all this to me... the cops feel charges should be drawn but its up to the state attorney now, and they take their time in making decisions... anyways, i apreciate the insight... i think i need to let go and just let what is going to happen happen... but there is a story behind jeff, and i feel lost i guess... and just when i feel im letting go something goes on to bring me back strong... oh well... jaffeebella

  • sometimes it is hard to let go of the past....even if it wasn't good. Letting go means letting go of the part of ourself that was in it, which we still identify with and question. Just know that you are loved, this is behind you, you have support and you are beautiful and worth so so so much. Hugs hun...hang in there.....

  • Jaffabella and the Aries man - this relationship works best as a friendship. In whatever area the deepest sharing takes place here, spiritual or religious overtones may be apparent. The feelings in a love affair between you two can be pure and idealistic, suggesting that your realtionship has become a kind of religion for you, in which your feelings for each other acquire the status of worship. Two dangers can surface here - first, that you two will share a certain fanaticism or obsession; and second, that your relationship may be too fragile to survive in a tough world. Cross-currents and complexities are common with your particular combination. Fixed long-term relationships, such as marriage or working together, are not recommended here, but friendship or a love affair can do well if flexibility can be maintained. Particularly in the area of friendship, a loving strong and deep bond can develop through mutual sympathy and understanding but it is usually not enough to sustain a longterm daily relationship.

    Jaffeebella, you may feel a bit threatened by your friend's direct and fiery energies and you may clash with him at times if you feel aggressive enough or, if feeling more passive, you may be overwhelmed and play a submissive role. However, it is better for you to stand up and assert yourself, since otherwise you risk submerging yourself in the service of your friend. It is even possible that your resulting loss of self-esteem may accelerate, leaving your friend fruitlessly trying to convince you of your worth. You may also find your friend rather overbearing and dictatorial at times. But you will admire his ability to deal with personal or worldly matters and act on them. For his part, your friend may be deeply touched by the quality of your empathy, even though he may be unable to respond in kind with equal empathy for you. You both have practical strengths - you can be surprisingly good with money while your friend has a strong pragmatic side, but these strengths would have to gel and blossom to be able to balance the relationship's natural fervour and zeal.

    Jaffeebella, your best matches for marriage were born -

    • Gemini (week of May 25 - June 2)

    • Gemini/Cancer (weeks of June 19 - July 2)

    • Leo (week of August 3 - August 10)

    • Capricorn (weeks of January 3 - January 16)

    • Aquarius/Pisces (week of February 16 - February 22)

    Jaffeebella, be careful that your attraction for the unusual does not lead you to the darker side of life. You have a tendency to become a sort of groupie, attaching yourself to all sorts of religious/spiritual cults and movements as you strive to find out what you are personally about. Or else you may bury your more unconventional aspirations in an excess of sensual indulgence or escapism. Your tendency to be too self-sacrificing and the fact that you allow yourself to be taken advantage of by tougher people may stunt your potential for expansion. Yet your spirituality will prove to be your greatest strength once you stop letting others tell you how to live and what to believe. If you allow yourself the freedom to find the God inside you, the rest of your life will be much easier than it has been. You have a need to spend most of your time with friends or colleagues who share or understand your point of view and you need a life partner who will understand this. You need open-minded, accepting individuals around you since you must feel completely safe before you will reveal your more unusual side. Your partner must be someone who is patient and will encourage you to talk about what you think in an effort to help you articulate what you are feeling better. Your goal must be to overcome the fear of rejection or humiliation and dare to be different.

  • thank you so much for this captain, you reenlightened me so much... and that is the man im in love with... or i should say bonded with strongly... whatever happens down the road happens, but right now im so strongly attached to him... i know we need to work out alot... and i know he is career minded at this present time... and nothing else matters to him, but hes an awsome man, and helped me through my darkest days... so we bonded... when we are not even together i can feel when he is going to call me or stop by my house without notice... it is crazy... and he tells me times he cant sleep at night due to my face in his dreams... so i know we are connected in someway... its just the time its taking for us to fully come together, i guess you can say at times i lose patience... in the past with the psychic readings i was told to hold on it will work out with him and dont let go... the told me about jeff years ago before i even knew this man existed or was going to exist, that is the neat thing... they told me from his career to his hair color, to foot size you name it the psychic i went to told me detail... but she is no longer available for me to go too... but i do thank you from the bottom of my heart captain... and you can besure i will stick to god and you guys for answers about this crazy love of my life... i know it has a dark side and a bright side... but im willing to take all of it... jaffeebella

  • Psychics can only predict your situation as long as it and you don't change. They can only predict what will happen on your current path. If things should change at all, then your future prediction also changes. Nothing is written in stone so beware basing your life on old predictions that may be out of date. Psychic predictions always need to be continually updated.

  • I know this may seem a little wacky, but what if neither of them are the one for you? It's comforting to have the attention of men that can, will, and have protected you, but the your concentration would be better spent by focusing on you. It sounds like you have some healing to do. Rape & physical abuse are serious enough to recover from. You may have more clarity when you work through any issues that may remain from that relationship. The tug of war you're putting yourself through with your officers, is far more fun than the healing you know you need to tackle from the your ex, but I see it back firing. If you keep it friendly with both of your suitors, you can continue to receive the support & get to the triumph part of the healing process. I see a surprising (in a good way, for a change) twist, in that scenario. Keep us posted!

  • authenik, thanks so much for this... you have me so excited now, something positive to look forward too... i am actually going for healing masses at a church i belong to and of course praying everyday for strength... as far as for forgiving they say that is part of healing but i do not feel like i can forgive my ex at this time, but ive learned to put alot past it and im not so emotional when thinking of what all he did do to me, for it is only a year ago... but for this little reading you really gave me something to look forward to and be positive... i do however understand what you are saying to me, i do... but anyways again thanks so much for this...


  • oh and auth, i will keep you all posted... forsure on this... thanks again hon jaffeebella

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