Would like a reading from someone regarding a possible move?

  • Hello!

    I am just curious if you (whoever may be doing the reading for me :)) see me moving out on my own with my son this year? Or moving out on my own with my son and another man in the picture, this year? Or maybe nothing like that at all this year, and maybe next year perhaps?

    I am just curious as to what you see, and thank you for your time!

    -Megan 🙂

  • I can't give you a reading (At least not tonight) but I have a question to clarify for anyone who may do it for you. What are you thinking of moving out from, and why?

  • Hello BrainFire,

    Thank you for replying. Currently I am living with my parents with my son. I am 25 years old, almost 26, and it is just time for me and my son to move out. My son is now a year old and it is just time for us to "spread our wings," if that is the saying that I am looking for lol!

    I have three options regarding this move:

    1. Stay where I am at with my parents for a little bit more time.

    2. My son and I move in with his father (this was the original plan, but I have this nagging feeling NOT to do it).


    1. Change the original plan and look for a place for just me and my son.

    That's all 🙂



  • Thank you for all the details, Megan. I know exactly which spread I think would work best for this situation.

    I've pulled up two cards representing the benefits of each choice, and one card showing what is essential for all the options.

    While shuffling the cards, one card fell out from the others, it was the Father of Cups, reversed. I took note of this, returned the card to the deck, and continued shuffling.

    The major thing I noticed after completing the spread is the abundance of court cards. These cards seem to depict more of your attitude toward the choices than the benefits of the choices themselves.

    The cards I pulled for the first option, staying with your parents, were The Father of Swords, and 9 of Wands, reversed.

    The Father of Swords seems to show a respect and love for your parents. You see them as strong willed and very helpful, maybe even generous.

    The Nine of Wands is reversed. Upright, they give a sence of strength and resiliency. Reversed, they seem to be pulling away from each other, almost appearing weak. The benefit I am sensing of staying with your parents is that you don't always need to figure everything out on your own, you don't need to remain too resilient and strong, a lot is provided by them.

    The strange thing about your second option: Remember I mentioned the Father of Cups reversed falling out while shuffling? It has appeared in this spot. The other card here is the ace of swords, also reversed.

    The Father of cups being reversed shows me that you are not comfortable with moving in with your son's father (As you already stated), it does not seem like the best option.

    The Ace of Swords it reversed. It gives me a sence of conflict, or chaos.

    There seems to be little or no benefit to moving in with the father.

    For your final option, moving out on your own, I pulled the Mother of Cups, and the Daughter of Wands. Two femenine entities.

    The Mother of Cups gives me a sence of confusion, but she is strong. She doesn't appear stressed or entirely happy, she simply is. This I feel is important. On further examination, I see an air of calm around her. I interpret this as if you choose to move out on your own, there will be confusion at first, but it will eventually be replaced by calm.

    The Daughter of Wands seems to reinforce the air of calm I received from the Mother of Cups. She is holding a flute,which signifies creativity, and freedom. She looks peaceful and feels great love surrounding her (Perhaps a new love affair will develop with you?).

    Finally, the last card signifying what is essential for every option is the 7 of wands. It means courage. Whichever option you choose, you must stay brave and strong.

    This is only my interpretation, and I could be very wrong. Don't hesitate to look for a second opinion, or just think it over yourself.

  • I forgot to add: Good luck with whichever you choose, and all your future endeavors. 🙂

  • Wow! Thank you so much BrainFire. Yes, I am truly confused about which is my best option, so you hit the nail on the head when you said "a sense of confusion."

    I want to do what is best for my son, but I also want to be happy too. I have always believed that if a parent is happy then the child will be happy too. However a parent feels certainly reflects how a child will feel and act out, etc. At least, that is what I think.

    I find it very interesting when you say if I decide to move out on my own with my son, that you see a new love affair. I am going through something else right now as well and I feel torn between two men. I felt this way for a long, long time and I do not know what is the right path for me. Do you think you could do a reading with that as well?

    They are both Taurus men. One man is older than the other. If you need their birthdates, I can certainly give you them. The older Taurus man is the father of my son, but the younger Taurus man is my first love and I still have deep feelings for him. He feels the same way for me, as up until now (I will get into what happened in a minute) we had been talking and confessing our feelings for one another, etc. and trying to plan on seeing each other again to see if something is truly there still.

    But the younger Taurus is now being detained by Immigration and is being sent back to Mexico. We had been talking and I was planning on seeing him, since he was being detained about four or five hours away from where I live. But in a flash, he was transferred to his last stop before being sent back to Mexico -- to Texas.

    I felt very angry when this happened and I still do not understand why it happened. I feel like I had my one and only chance to see him and to either get the closure that I need SO very badly in order to open my heart up to others or even my son's father, as he is a good guy with a good heart. It is just that I have not been able to open my heart up to him fully, due to still having feelings for the Younger Taurus.

    Could you do another reading for me based on what is the right path as far as these two Taurus men? I have received readings in the past, but circumstances have changed drastically, and I really do not know if I should pursue the younger Taurus anymore since he will be back in Mexico this year. And I really do not know if staying and trying to work it out with my son's father is the right choice either.

    I am curious as to what you see with that.

    Thank you again and your reading about me moving was very accurate!

    -Megan 🙂

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