Ouija post number two ;D haha!

  • alright, so i've worked with tarot cards for a couple years now, experimenting and asking.

    we bought a ouija board last month and i'm intigued, and i'm definitely considering using it with my friends.

    does anyone have any advice on the matter? tips? thanks 🙂


    (p.s. there has been a ouija seance in my garage before, that i had an instinct NOT TO DO IT. i felt strongly to stay away. but, my curiousity is mounting.any insight would profoundly help. thank you.)

  • It depends on your friends and your intentions. As a teen it was popular in a childish game kind of way but usually ends up creating fear in someone because it is more than a game or entertainment. You are actually inviting in spirits. If your group has a good vibration there probably is protection but it depends on the energy of people to determine the spirit that is attracted to speak. The board is not a source of power--it's just a tool--like cards or ruins or any communication created to get messages. Before you use the board ask yourself how you really feel about knowing a spirit is present. Fear does not attract good energy. Some people are curiouse but then get scared.

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