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  • okay so I've know this guy for like a year now we started fooling around a few weeks ago. I told him I didn't want anything serious now hes starting to act more like an ass in front of people like he'll say, "I've got five other grls and i can't afford to take you out untill your in the top five or some stupid shit like. thane he'll bring up how he saw me flirting with other guys and always asking what i'm doing. I let him know i was dating other guys and now he wants to know what i'm doing and texting. The other day at work I wouldn't let him see my texts so he showed me a picture of some grl on his phone in her undies and bra. I know ASSHOLE but I just don't get why act like you care and then be an ass????

  • Hello lovely,

    With guys it's partly an ego thing. Even when we're not being aware of it. I think that's part of our hunter/ competitive nature. Rather than focussing on the fact that he just doesn't 'do it' for you. That, for whatever reason, he's not the one you're looking for. Instead he flabbergasted by the fact that you don't want him. Not in 'that' way anyhow. In his own mind, he's saying "hey, I can get other girls. Other girls want me. (Whether that's true or not is irrelevent.) Why doesn't she want me?" The fact that you are dating other guys shows him that you do want to be with someone. It's still blowing him away that you just don't want to be with him. Not in a relationship anyway. So he's showing you (or trying to) that he is desirable to women, that he can get women, and also that he does like being with women, and that he doesn't 'need' you. Meanwhile you're still the one he wants, and you're both single, and you're both 'looking', and you like one another, and you've been intimate/ sexual with one another. He just doens't get why you aren't with one another in a relationship.

    It's kinda' stupid, but hey, guys can be pretty stupid sometimes when it comes to desires and emotions.

  • Hi, Be careful around him. He sounds like he could be abusive. Do you know him very well. Make a break from this one.

  • I've know him for about a year, why would you say he seems abusive? Just wondering

  • Because he has disrespected you. When you are making a break from him, he gets real nosey. I see that he may have a problem looking at women in the correct way and forming relationships w/them. Did you treat him this way--no. Because you respect people--he doesn't. I see a problem. Maybe a major one so be careful.

  • Wow thats weird that you say that because I am a natural smarta** and he has said a couple of times that he was gonna slap me if I didn't be quiet huh i thought he was just kidding.

  • Please treat each other w/respect. But, I don't think this is healthy.

  • I agree with Dalia. He is just a silly little boy. Don't waste your time and energy on him.

  • Wow, I was in a relationship just over a year ago and it was just as disrespectful sounding as yours right now! Trust me, guy hate the thought of another lady just seeing other guys! that just what guys are suppose to do! And if he has told you he will hit you! Trust me in time he will 😞

    It sounds as if he is trying to make you feel jeaouls. Showing you pictures of ladies on his cell is only one thing that will start a whole list of bad bahavior for this guy! I would get the hell out of this relationship now before he starts to show you his very dark side! It never gets better if not worse it will just keep getting weirder ...

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