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  • Almost a year ago I left my f/t job to take another job (same town). The new job meant a large increase and I was quite excited. After giving my notice at old job, I later found out that I didn't get the job because of a criminal record from 35 years ago (convicted of welfare fraud). So I found myself without 2 jobs! I cried for days and was finally hired back p/t at my previous place of employment. I hired a lawyer to straigten out the legal mess but have been unable to finish paying him to complete things. It has been a year almost and I still have not found f/t work. I have no insurance, have gone through all my savings and just don't know how much longer i can hold on in my current situation. I feel that I am more than qualified but for some reason I never get called or I get 'thank you for applying" letters. I am at the end of my rope. I live in a small town and I feel there are negative things being said about me when jobs call and ask for a references. I need some insight on what the future holds or what am I doing wrong????

  • Hi there

    Normally i wouldn't reply to a post like this but i was sort of compelled to help you out here. Hope you dont mind.

    You're very vulnerable at this point in time, as you said you feel that you are qualified but you're not getting any results. In a way the respect and credit you have earned and you deserve is being taken away from you. The criminal record was 35 years ago and i dont think it would be grounds to deny you the job. It looks to me that your biggest mistake was sticking around, you should have taken off when you were still able to and now you're in deep trouble. You have applied a lot of times but have you applied everywhere? I feel as though you are looking for jobs in fields you are familiar with, in a position you believe you deserve. From what i can see you need to take a different approach to this. Start fresh as some would say. You are a very skillful person but they wont see that right away, you can't expect to have a job similar or better than your last one so quickly. Get back to starting small and overtime, your potential will flow out.

  • Thank you for responding. Your message is on point. I absolutely feel that I am being discredited. It's like all the hard work of getting training and education were for nothing. I'm where I never wanted to be. I think you are right, I should have left when I was able to. Instead I came back to a place that was comfortable to me. I have been looking for jobs in education, which is what I know. But..I could also do other things. I have been contemplating starting over in a new place. Thank you again. You have definitely given me some food for thought.

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