A dream i had

  • I had a dream of a man lying on his side with his hand on his head. He told me he had spoke to my doctor and that he heard i wasn't doing so well and that my doctor really wanted me to come in for a check up. I was wondering if i should take it literally and go to the doctor. The mans body position stood out to me because i once had a dream about a man i know and care about, he was lying in that same position and handed me chocolate then blushed (kinda out of character).

  • there could be something going on inside you that you are not aware of yet. I would check it out just to be on the safe side. take care!

  • This dream could be a warning... it sure sounds like it from the description. something to do with the chocolate? from your other dream regarding chocolate? did this man have diabetes?

    not sure about your hand or the hand on top of his head. was the hand severed from his arm? I need to know that first before I go too deep.

    but yea, I would make that appt asap.


  • no the hand wasn't severed his head was resting on it, they were two separate dreams the body position was the same so i wasnt sure if they were related. The man that i know from the first dream does not have diabtetes, the second man ive never seen before. There were also snakes in one of them they seen to appear allot.

  • snakes can mean two different things, and depending on how YOU feel about snakes. snakes could be seen as healing as you would see a snake wrapped around a medical caduceus .. and that would be your sign to get medical help or a check up.

    the other interpretation would be that you have enemies around you and to be cautious of who you let in your life.

    lying down would imply the body needs to rest and heal before you can go back to your regular routine..


  • UPDATE i did see my doctor and something was wrong, i had some tests ans things done and i am ok for now, but wow

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