Automatic Writing

  • OK i've done automatic writing a lot and i want to warn you DO NOT LET YOURSELF GO

    !!!!! mental institutes are full of people who let themselves go. If you let yourself go sometimes you wont be able to get back to your body and someone else will take it. Then you'll just wander aimlessly forever. always pray and make sure you have some religoius thing with you whether it's a cross or a picture of Jesus. Also you should do it in a comfy place and practice breahting first.


  • You can't get kicked out of your body. Your soul is attached to your body, possession IS a possibility in very rare cases but nothing to worry about if you protect yourself.... and even with possession you don't get kicked out of your body. Also the possessing spirit needs to use a LOT of energy to maintain control. It isn't like in the movies where once they are in they are all set and you need a priest to get rid of them! I know this from experience, a spirit didn't want to stop talking and I didn't protect myself properly. It took about 10 minutes to push the spirit out and that was before I had any real working knowledge of the spiritual realm (i learned to channel before i learned to shield... not the best order to go in) Something like that is very rare though, you should NOT be afraid to channel an entity if you prepare yourself. You WON'T end up in a mental hospital talking about god knows what. Many people go astral at night while they sleep. Very few people put up protections every night before they go to bed and they are not taken over in the middle of the night while not in their body. Prayer is also another way to protect yourself when getting ready to channel I agree with that. Jesus Christ has a wonderful energy and can also be very protective if you ask him. In order to let yourself go you would need to break the connection you have with your body (some of you know this as the silver cord when you go astral) and when that breaks you die. If you die while astral you do wander until you accept what happened and move on, but when channeling you don't leave your body. Also, other spirits do not have that "silver cord" connecting them to your body so they can't take it over and kick you out. Another spirit can't "cut the cord" on you there is no need to worry about that.

    FallFromAStar I understand what your saying but I don't believe that can happen. You DO need to be careful when channeling an entity, but you can't loose your body and end up in a mental hospital for the rest of your life.

  • dear verdana,

    wow that is weird that you referred me to that dark monk, as I was there earlier and responded to some of the post's. Which it took me a while to get back to this posting that I posted, here in this Automatic Writing posting. I wntd to thank you very much as I found very much of the info very insightful and helpful. I am going to put together a list to do my shopping. THANKS FOR EV ERYTHING, and to everyone... ooh I am still trying to find another one of my posting's so might take me some time esp. being so tired

    Live,Love,Laugh Often...... Life Is Too Short Not Too!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You can lose yourself. You don't exactly get pushed out of your body but you can end up in a mental hospital if you do. Please just listen to me Automatic writing can be a great experience but it can also be a frigtening one if your contacing an entity. Sometimes they will write a threat but they usually don't hurt you. Please don't do what i've done. I messed around with Automatci writing and bad things have happened. But i just contacted entitys and the first time i did it i didn't protect myself. So don't mess around with it. Don't mess around with ouiji boards either. There worse.

  • You can be possessed and you can be oppressed. Mental health cannot diagnose it as no-one believes

  • Hi Merc,

    It started for me in the late 90's . What may have triggered it was a stress workshop I went to where I did a visualization. At the time a male North Amercan Native started talking to me. Not long after that I heard voices and then I got the idea maybe I could start writing some of the stuff that was being said to me.

    It wasn't scary just different and very loving. It isn't scary and never was because the messages are loving and very accepting in nature. It actually feels natural or normal.

    You could also try writing with your left hand if right handed or right if you are a lefty. A friend of mine taught me that technique which I did for quite a while.

    I think the part that really is different as well when I write is that it it is all in printing and there are no errors ( which is very different from my regular crossed out words and scribbles)except the odd time there may be punctuation missing as the words can come in very fast .

    I believe we all have guides and that we can hear them if we tune in so to speak. Surround yourself with lots of light/ protection , ask for messages for the highest good and see what happens.

    I have a website that I just started that is a work in progress and talks about channeling.If you are interested in it let me know.

    All the best with this... let me know how you make out !


  • Hello all ---

    I have loved finding so much good information here. I was only successful with automatic writing once and it was my very first attempt almost 30 years ago. My father in law had passed a couple of we eks prior. I had been practicing yoga and meditation daily then (I'mnot so good now!)

    I did they best I could with protection

    just a white light to sourround me and protect tme. Then I asked for my father in law to say whatever he wanted me or us to know. It took a while...then my pen started moving and, like a couple of others of you..I was almost paralized at the pull of the pen. That firswt realization that something else was in control. It did not take me long to realize it was, indeed, him! The message started off with large cursive leltters and got smaller as I became accoustomed. The message turned out to be for my brother in law. Fortunately...he was into all the things I was and was thrilled. I sent it to him immediately. None of it had any meaning for me or my husband at the time. Brother in law knew exactly what it meant and was grateful.

    I tried several other times ...oddly, as I haven't tried in in years...just about a week ago. Nothing. You have alll given me some terrific information and I am eager to try again. I have often wondered of Neil Donald Walsh was inspired by spirit or actually received dictation for his "Conversations with God." He says he took dictation....he heard what to write.

    This time I will try it with my left hand and will remember all the protection. I am a big pendulum user but love all divination.....only good at the one, however. I just love it when I am ready all the teachers appear! THANKS! (And, thanks....guides ....for showing me the path to them!)

    A couple of you are sages and I would love to know you better!

    Peace, Love and Light....

  • Verdana ---

    You promised us some writings! (((( C O M E B A C K )))) are one I find extremely interesting. I have followed you in some other forums and admire your knowledge and good patience ....sometimes you have been amazing with it ! : )

    Peace, Love and LIght....

  • dear jadeart ~

    Well, I am very interested in channeling, I have been hearing what sounds like voices or like a radio static, but the voices are sooo low i can't make out what they are saying, only a few times have I ever heard something that was soo clear, but was not very long only a couple of word's,

    So what is you opinion on what i have experienced??????

  • Verdana,

    I have been doing some automatic writing, and would love to post some of my writing's but I am curious if the answer's that I am getting are correct or if my mind is corrupting the truth! which I didn't know anything about the information I received so I guess it could be 50% right, now sure? How would you go about testing the answer's? I hope you do ((((((come back)))))


  • gosh i would love to try but dont know how to even begin or find info regarding it.

    Can any one advise please?

  • I have 12 pages of automatic writings if I scan them can you desipher them for me they are old .........Starfire

  • I have some examples of some writing's that I connected with my husband who passed away, I will try & post them on here! Blessings


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