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  • I have tried a few types of divination but someone told me to try automatic writing.. i have the urge to try tonight but i might scare myself awwwww, no if anyone has done automatic writing would you please share so i may learn, i'd appreciate hearing about your experiences. Thank you, merc : ]

  • my grandfather used to do this and encouraged me to try it. i did try when i was much younger but had no success probably because of being so young i had no real focus. i'v been thinking about giving it another try which is why i've responded to this post..

    one must be careful when trying new 'esoteric' adventures... once during an obe, i had to struggle to return to my body. 'somebody' else wanted in too. you learn as you go.

  • Dear Rayleen,

    Beethoven and Bach and many of the music masters practised automatic writing - they were crazed - a mixture of sane madness which produced the world's best music listened to by generations and generations of music lovers. Automatic writing needs intense concentration - the mind needs to connect with spirit - be sure you know what it is you are asking to hear .... then pray .... then wait to see the miracle happen. You will get your answers you need to hear.... once you have - always close your session with a prayer to disconnect with spirit. -

    Good luck

    Gipsy 321

  • Merc, Don't be scared. If you are scared...just a little bit, then I am sure you will not accept the "Devil", "Satan" or a "Dark Side" to be your inspiration. As, I can only share my own experience; I can tell you I ground myself first before attempting any writing. It is a vibrations thing for me and I believe I get help from angels. Sometimes Angels I knew here in the world on earth. Other times I believe my own subconscous mind writes the words. I've gotten alot of fullfilment out of it. Remember to enjoy yourself. Chic Bitchen

  • Hi merc,

    if you're a little afraid to try automatic writing, try inspirational first.

    Meditate to clear the mind and write down your thoughts. Sometimes it begins as poetic prose.

    If it is truly inspirational it always has good rhythm because of the natural energy flowing through.

    The bes part is, you are the one on control.

    The hardest part is not allowing your ego to alter the text.

    Automatic writing is not dissimilar to psychic art.

    It isn't always necessary to allow the guide full control over the whole of your body. Just the hand it writes with. A good test is to use the opposite hand you would normally use.

    Good luck and happy writing,

    Verdana 🙂

  • I do automatic writing, however, I always make sure I have a white candle lit, and I state y intention that only my spirit guides, or those with my highest good are allowed to come through. Then I write down things that I'm concerned about or questions I might have. I let my mind clear and allow the words to come through.

    It took some trying, but I have had some really interesting experiences.

    Enjoy it and keep it in the most positive light possible.

    Fear only allows darkness in,so be clear minded and start slow if you have to.



  • If you are ever scared of letting in the 'wrong' spirits while meditating or practicing various forms of divinity, then you should first meditate and create a protective energy sphere around you. This is pretty much what the other posters have mentioned. Before beginning, clear your mind and meditate. Envision your inner light or inner energy that is centered around your chi (just below the heart). Then envision a white light of protective energy expanding out to fill your entire body. When you can feel it filling your entire body, allow it to expand further so that it encompasses you in a sphere of protective energy. Essentially this is like casting a protection spell so that only 'welcomed' energy can enter. Then you can proceed with whatever divinity it is you want to practice. You can do this with a group meditation as well. When you expand the light from your body, envision it connecting and merging with the light from the rest of the group into a encompassing sphere around all of you.

  • I do automatic writing all the time. The first time I did it it scared me half to death. I was totally paralyzed for a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity. I couldn't feel my arm moving as I was writing so I was very surprised to see the words I had transcribed. I now have had many experiences and know what to expect so it doesn't scare me anymore. Everyone is different and each person may have a different first experience. If you are frightened you will have a harder time with it though. Your fear will make it difficult for the spirits to reach out to you. Make sure you are psychically protected before you try anything of this nature as it can be very dangerous. I have my 'psychic firewall' up at all times as I have had many years of practice. Let me know how you make out.

    Of course it's best to be in a quiet place with low lighting so you can reach deep inside without distractions.

    I hope it works out for you. 🙂

  • I have a suggestion.

    How about some postings of the writings?

    I'll happily post some of my own if anyone else would like to join in too i think it might help and encourage others who want to try it too.

    Let me know what you all think.

    Verdana 🙂

  • i would Love to see examples! i've tried to do it, but with no success, so i don't even know what kind of messages they would be. do you know who they are from?

  • Hi nikhaeli,

    as i stated in a previous post, my own writings are inspirational. I'm always aware of what is being written by my own hand but the flow is continuous and it's only when i read it back i realize there's a much deeper meaning than at first appears.

    There is no one specific guide with inspirational writing. If the mind is open enough, any number of philosophers, poets or even passed novelists will come to help. When the piece is finished i thank the spirit and sometimes ask who the inspirer is. The most evidence i ever had was when Samuel Johnson gave his name and i had to look him up because i'd never heard of him. (he was a poet and edited amongst other things the old English dictionary.)

    After that i stopped doubting the possibilities of who can come through to assist. Some of my writing has been likened to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Yeats, The Brothers Grimm, Aesop, as well as Socrates, Plato and other great philosophers. I'm no different to anyone else here.

    Anything is possible when the mind is open enough to receive the knowledge.

    I will post a couple of samples to show how profound our language can be even when written in simple prose. It might have to be tomorrow though because i have to work today.

    Verdana 🙂

  • yes i can see how there would be a myriad of writers spirits who'd love the opportunity to re-experience the simple act of writing on the earth plane. my mom had a masters in teaching reading and she brought us up with a deep respect for books. i don't know if that has anything to do with it, but i've had an out-of-body experience while reading where i was above myself just watching myself read. (it was a Vonnegut-"Sirens of Titan" (one of my favs) 😃 and then another time i was reading Elaine Pagel's "Gnostic Gospels" and i actually saw a thought form in the book- just going right into it so i could see both at once. it was an intricate geometric figure that was moving and changing rapidly- something i'll never forget!

  • can anybody tell me exactly how it is you do automatic writing cuzthat sounds insanely awesome and i would love to try!

  • I would also love to see some samples...I'm very excited about all of this, and am most excited to try it. I will be sure to light a white candle, surround myself with positive energy and see what happens. I'm glad I saw this topic. Thanks to all that have given information.

  • i've been doing automatic writing for 11 yrs. For me, the process is like reading a book to yourself and you hear the words in your head...but you start writing everything at the same time. It's like you're taking dictation. I always light a white candle and say a prayer before I start. At the end I always give thanks and send Spirit back, then blow out the candle. The words are poetic or "old english" form of speaking. The best part about writing is that if you don't understand what is being said at the time, don't dwell on it...pick the writing up another day and re-read it, your mind will be clear and not suck on something else and you'll understand clearly the messages given. When giving a reading for someone it's wonderful because they don't have to be present in order for it to take place, but every word is written so there is no need for you to "interpret"what you think it the receiver of the reading will be able to understand it on their own. Also as you first start to write, you may feel very tired, it is just the energy exchange until you become accustomed to it. With all that Heaven will allow, Lainee

  • hi verdana, hi all,

    I've done automatic writing for many many years, always a blessed experience. One recent session takes the cake.

    I had a beautiful experience channeling the Christ energy, in part the message being,

    "Remember me".


  • So exactly how is it that you should do that energy clearing? Because i'm still haveing problem's with a dark energy that will not leave and he like's to come around when I am at my vulnerabulist?

  • DevineEvanescence,

    Read the post about the Dark Monk, it will help you.

    Trust which posts from individuals your are drawn to read have the message you need within the writing.

    Verdana, 🙂

    ps. sorry guys and girls, i'm a little busy at present so haven't had much time to post any writings, i was hoping someone else might have posted one or two of theirs.

    Blessings to all.

  • hi, i have edone automatic writing now on and off for years and find that i too just am dictating what is being said to me. i believe i am in good hands with my spiritual guide and have been since childhood. just a friendly relationship and i enjoy them so i take what i write as if it is from a friend and question back and forth.. wheither you believ in what you have written or not, take it as if from a friend in the beginning and discern for yourself what info feels like something a good honest friend would tell you, they are usually very honest with you and tell you what you need to hear not what you want to for me...

  • I used to do Automatic Writing when i was younger. Numerous spirits would come though but i also had an issue with a "negative" spirit that kept trying to come though. Protection is key, there are many ways you can protect yourself spiritually. Native Americans used Sage to cleanse an area of dense and/or harmful vibrations. The sage can be burned or sprinkled. Another way is white candles, I use visualization too. For example, when you burn the sage/light the candle focus on universal love pouring from that sage stick/candle (i use my heart chakra lately) and filling the area. Give the light intention, know that it is there to protect you. Salt can also be very protective too, Sprinkle some around the doors and windows after cleansing to help keep a room protected. There are many ways, use what feels right for you. Be sure to cleanse/protect the area every time. After you have cleansed you need to center your chakras, finding a meditation for this is easy enough... go with the one that feels right to you. Relax your arm(s) and let the spirit world know you wish to channel spiritual energy in the form of writing. You can do that simply by thinking about it while staying relaxed. I knew spirits where present by temperature changes around me and inside my arms. As long as you have protected yourself there is no reason to fear these experiences. know that your protections are strong and working, focus and intention is everything. Other ways spirits have made themselves known to me is a "tingly" feeling, a poke on the shoulder, once i even had my hair tugged a bit (that one surprised me haha). At this point it's all about trusting the spirit enough to let them manipulate your arm to wright. I'm not exactly sure how to give an explanation for that... it's kind of like letting go then the spirit takes over and you sit there and watch your arms move on their own. It's a little freaky at first and it took me about a week before I stopped just pushing the spirits back out. When you first start you may wright (i used a keyboard so i typed it) a bunch of "nonsense and jiberish" don't think your doing something wrong just keep it up and it will slowly become clearer and clearer. I used to get 1/2 sentences and a bunch of stuff like "kudh hfgd jkyh". I believe that's the spirit getting used to your energy and how to work with it to get their message out. Something I also had to do was make it clear that I only was willing to channel one spirit at a time, I don't know if others have had to do that as well. I think i covered pretty much everything.... If you have any questions about what i posted you can contact me at I will do my best to reply quickly.


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