Gemini affair

  • Hello all,

    Im new to this but Ive followed this websight for years. I need some advice. Im married and have met a gemini man. He is married also, we found each other through unhappiness really but Im concerned my feelings for him are so strong. Its almost like we should have found each other years ago. Neither one of us are in a position to leave our current situation for many years yet but I am finding that emotionally im a wreck. I want to be with him, I constantly think o him, always wondering what he is doing, if he is thinking of me while hes with his family. I have to tell you Im not young, ive been married for 16 years but there is so much missing from my marriage. Im not naive enough to not understand that because this is new and therefore interesting, im intriqued, but I want to know where we are headed. We see each other every week or two weeks, hes from out of state, the the in between times are so hard to get through. Yes, we are romatically involved and the chemistry is something ive never experienced even with my husband in the early years, but his passion and caring for me are on a deeper level as well. Its almost like we were meant to find each other. Here is my dilemma. Ive read all comments on Gemini men and I want to know if he im just one of his conquests. (im not his first affair) or is there really something there. It feels so real. Im a leo, but all I want right now in my life is to be cared for, taken care of and loved. Life is too short to be unhappy.......Please help me understand my gemini man...

  • Please believe me when I say that that I'm not trying to be cruel....but you need to finalize or work on your relationship with your husband before you do anything with this man. If your current relationship is not working this man is not going to fix your situation. You have no guarantee that he will or wants to leave his current situation. He is not your gemini man, he's his wife's gemini man.

  • I totally know what youre saying and I have tried to work on my marriage. It takes two and my husband doesnt feel there is anything to work on. As youknow, us Leos are very outspoken so its not like I havent addressed my/our concerns in our marriage. He wont go to couseling, he doesn even want to talk about it. I have been left to feel unattractive and have lost confidence when I know I shouldnt and that im not unattractive. As far as his situation, hes been married a long time as well and had grown apart way before I came along. we are just riding it out till the kids get older.

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