Trying my pendulum - ONE PERSON A DAY PLEASE

  • Hi - I found my favorite pendulum and since I had good luck with Espearite's questions, I am willing to try to answer a few others. Please remember that I am very new at this and I have VERY little time. So I am going to ask to let One person ask their questions and NOT to post any new questions until I answer those of the first. The third person must wait until I answer the questions of the second person, and so on. For now, I will do one person a day. I will probably only last a week. This is an experiment for me too. I have no idea how accurate this will be.

    The questions can only be YES or No questions

    Please ask the questions like this:

    True or false:

    1. One question that you know is TRUE (give me the answer at the end of the rest of the questions (i.e. yes or no)

    2. One question that is false (answer Yes or No) These 2 questions help me see if the pendulum is swinging the right way.

    Then give me 4 more questionsquestions. 2 of them you will know the answers to already. The other 2 questions you do not know the answers to and I will give you a yes or no.

    Hopefully, I will be right about the 2 you know that answer to and the other two you will tell me

    if they are right if they trun out that way. For now, try to ask questions that can be answered within

    a month's time so I can see if there is any accuracy at all.

    Thanks in advance. Good luck!

    Sorry about the strict rules. I don't want to get too overwhelmed but other have been very kind to me and I am trying to do something in return for this forum. Thanks

  • Thanks Turtledust for your kind offer. i cant figure out rule 2 : One question that is false.But I am taking a guess and sending them:

  • Ok Im guessing this on the basis of the espearite thread..reading.

    True or false:

    1.I am an Indian

    2.I have blue eyes

    Now the questions:

    1. Am I about to go on a holiday in October ?

    2. Will my friendship with this person grow?

    3. Am I a healer ?

    4. Is the treatment Im taking for my health problem right for me?


  • Answer to q 1 and 2 in test questions is yes and no respectively

  • Hi Turtledust - I hope you are read for another?

    1. Does my work diary have a black cover?

    2. Do I have blue eyes?

    Qn 1

    Was my first language English?

    Qn 2

    Am I in the right job?

    Qn 3

    Do I read tarot?

    Qn 4

    Will I have more children?

    Answers to first two:

    1. Yes

    2. No

    This is a really exciting test for you to be doing and I hope you get reassurance with your pendulum. And thank you!

    All the best.

  • Hi Suramaya - I will answer your questions tonight and post them

    Methurn - please wait til I post the ones for Suramaya - I will try to do them both tonight.

    PLEASE NO MORE QUESTIONS UNTIL I DO THESE 2 because I get off work late. I have been staying up way too late and sleeping too late so my work schedule is all off kilter. Thanks! Hopefully I will get a handle on my sleep schedule over the next few days. I have just benn exhausted!

  • Hi Suramaya:

    Well I asked each of the questions and the good news is that

    THe answer to are you Indian was yes and do you have blue eye was NO. So

    at least we know it got that part right.

    The answers to the others were as follows:

    1. No you are not going on holiday in October

    2.) The one was not quite right because I could not focus on any particular person for you.

    "This person" was really too vaque for me. I got a yes on this one

    3.)Am I a healer -- I got a YES

    4.) I also got a Yes that the medicine you are taking is correct.

    Please let me know how I did so I can keep track! Thanks!

  • Dear Turtledust

    I really appreciate your taking time out to answer my questions.Q 3 I think Im a healer so you got that right!Q1 is problematic because I had asked if I am planning a holiday and the ans I know is yes.You asked if I would actually go and you got no.So the jury is still out on that one! I will let you know what happens in October.Q 2 and Q4 I did not know the answer too.Your answer to 4 brings me hope so thanks a lot.Q2...Hmmm the person is nicknamed the if you can try asking again Id be grateful.But in any case your yes answer makes me happy:)

    Hope you feel energised soon and wishing you much happiness:)

  • Hi Methuen:

    ANother good one on the first two questions - I did not read the answers first - only after I asked them to see if it was giving me the right answers.

    1. Does my work diary have a black cover? YES

    2. Do I have blue eyes?NO

    Qn 1

    Was my first language English? NO

    Qn 2

    Am I in the right job?No

    Qn 3

    Do I read tarot?YES

    Qn 4

    Will I have more children?NO

    I did this rwice with 2 swpwearw pwndulums and got the same answers. PLease let me know how I did. Thanks

  • Okay 0 I can take one person's set of questions for Thursday Sept. 9. I am sorry to have to start out so slow. Maybe on Saturday I can take more than one set.

    Please wait til I answer the next person's questions to post another set. Thanks!

  • Okay, Hears my questions:

    Do I have red hair?

    do I have brown eyes?

    Now what I want to know:

    Am I going to be happy with my new husband?

    Will I live in TN.

    Does this man love me?

    will we be a success in business?

  • Hi turtledust, can I be for FRIDAY please?

    Here are my questions:

    Do I have blue eyes?

    Do I have one male brother?

    what I want to know:

    does J loves me?

    are J and I getting married sometime in 2011?

    will I get a job I like and enjoy in 2011?

    will I be succesful in my career?

    will I move to the US in 2011?

    Thanks in advance 🙂 HD

  • oh sorry for posting... i just read your whole first post... SORRY...

  • Okay - I will redo the one question for s Suramaya tonight and see if I get a different answer.

    Then I will try to do both Light en dark and HAppydoc tonight. Friday my mom is having surgery so bear with me. Methuen - how did I do?

  • PS - please let me know how the answers come out because I have no idea if this is working.

    For myself - it depends on the question. If I ask it something fairly solid like "Did I drop my keys in the garbage?" etc. until I find my keys, it seems to work well. Also, I have to be careful about how I phrase the question - as above - I did not actually ask the question that Suramaya submitted - instead of asking if she was planning a holiday. I asked if she was going on holiday - so I must ask again. Thanks!

  • Thanks turtledust, wish you the best to your Mom in her surgery! xoxo

  • This is so cool. If I don't make the list, please dont' have any guilt about it. :0) Thank you... And, i was so excited to see this that I didnt read all the posts so if i'm not in line it's no biggie!!!! Thanks either way, for helping those that you help!!!!!

    True. I am thirty two years old. (I am)

    True or false: Nick will come back into my life for good.

  • SuramayaL I redid your question about yourfriendship growing with Birdwhisperer and again it came out yes. I reworded the question I asked about you PLANNING a holiday an dit was YES,

    you are PLANNING a holiday. I am curious to see if you actually get to go.

    Light and Dark: You have Red hair - NO You have brown eyes - YES

    Will you be happy with your new husband - Yes

    Will you live in TN - NO

    The last two the ball kept going in a circle and never gave ne a yes or no. I will try again tomorrow. I don't know if this is a maybe - or if there is a vibration from my duaghter bouncing up and down in the hallway again.

    Light and Dark and Happy Doc - you did not give me the yes and No answers to the first 2 question so I am guessing that when the ball says yes that is really its yes and when it is no that is really its no.

    Happy Doc:

    Yes you have blue eyes - No - you do not have ONE brother (make brother is redundant )

    Dies J loveve you ? yes

    will you and J be married in 2011 ? No

    Will you find a job that you like and enjoy in 2011? Yes

    Will you be successful in your career? yes

    Will you move to the US in 2011 ? This was a rather weak NO

    Gladyouwroteme - I am 32 -YES

    I am a man - NO ( I threw that in as a control

    Nick will come back into your life for good - NO

    Nick will gome back in your life -- YES

    I worded it slightly different to see what I would get.

    Okay thanks let me know

    Please no questions on Friday

  • Light and Dark - I tried both those question again and still the ball swings in a circle with more of a tendency to yes for Does this man love me and more of a tendency to NO for whether you will be successful together in business. I will try once again for you tomorrow.

  • Hi Turtledust and thank you. You were right with the two I knew the answers to, so well done. The others very interesting, I will see how things develop!

    Thanks for this and all the best with your pendulum readings.

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