Lost my joy

  • I lost my joy in life from something I learned over the holiday weekend which was also my birthday. Its to private to tell the story. I walk around in a fog & and act like my life is the same. Its not the same. Its will never be the same again. I dont know what to do. Take Care ~D

  • dmick,

    do not worry. joy is in front of you. u'll be able to see it soon. be patience.

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  • I don't know what happened but

    this is the time of confusion and difficulties for many

    many people are walking around in fog, just like you are now, lost

    most people I pass by on the street, their eyes are empty and their life forces are low

    this is the time to turn inward and find the answer

    because at the end of the day you are left with only yourself

    as the age of light coming closer, the universe is working at accelerated speed

    only when you are true, to yourself and to others, that the age of light will benefit you

    take the time to understand who you are, to accept yourself

    then the truth will come, and with it, answers to all your questions

    take care

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  • because life is to learn and move forward

    everything you encounter is to be experienced and to learn from

    with all I have been through in my younger days

    I never thought I would reach the age 20, let alone 35, and yet I did

    now all those lessons starting to make sense

    if I didn't go through these events, I wouldn't know how to survive pains and tears

    instead of letting fear and worry cripple me, I retrace and look for solution

    instead of letting people manipulate me, I protect myself in advance

    if one door is closed, I will look and open another

  • Dmick59- You want believe this but I have been thinking about you for the last few days, last night we did a prayer circle and I included you in my prayers. I don't know exactly what you are going thru, but this too shall pass. I myself am going thru a huge emotional and trying matter, which I know is a test and I know I shall overcome and so will you. I found for me that the more I went on the inside in deep meditation and deep breathing the better I felt. The Lord does not give us more than we can bare and trust me my issue was HUGE! Take one day, one hour, one minute at a time and remember the sun is gonna rise everyday, life is not going to end or stop just because we feel the way we do and we have to shake it off. Ask for the strength to endure what we have no power to change and know that we stand with you in un-conditional love and are here for you at any time. Love, Cecile

  • P.S.- Don't let anybody or anything steal your joy or light. "Then they win." 🙂

  • bUMP

  • dmick

    "I have to find it though & your words are wise. Bless you also ~D "

    you will find it someday.

    hope you have a good weekend !

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  • I'm happy you feel better, hang it there! This too shall pass! I was ready to commit a major crime a few days, weeks ago, now I'm on top of the World! God Loves me! And you and everybody have a great weekend! 🙂

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  • you are nor alone. I feel the same way. Lost my Joy. My birthday too. This week is still hard for me and to have the Mecurey in retrograd is also hard. Sunday and next week the fog will lift. we well get back to a Centered position and look back and say" What the heck was that all about!"

    Check out my topic, Mecury retrograde ending. Some one posted a great astrology report for all the planets for that day. Very insightful!

  • @joyfulnc I had no idea of mercury in retrograde, usually i keep up with that stuff.

    No wonders for my anxious restlessness even more so than usual 😕

    I'm gonna check out your topic to read more now.. But just wanted to give you the biggest hug. ❤

    Feel better, lots of positive thoughts your way x o x o x o x

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