• May I have a tarot reading regards to love?

    I'd appreciate it.

    If needed; Birthday is February 19th, 1994 Born in Memphis, TN 11:14 AM

  • Your card is the asteroid Ariadne. In Greek mythology, Ariadne's tale portrays the heart's painful journey when connection to the inner self is severed and sacrificed to the lover. Ariadne followed her lover's course rather than her own internal labyrinthine journey, losing her genuine direction. Using a magical thread - the symbolic connection to her inner core - to serve her mythical hero, Ariadne lost contact with her own inner wisdom. Abandoned by the man she gave everything to, she was no longer able to define herself exclusively through a partner; therefore a more authentic sense of self could emerge.

    This card represents the abandonment of false hopes, fantasies and dreams, stripping the mind of illusion in order to see the true self, and confronting painful reality. Ariadne was looking for a lover to complete herself but, by giving away all that she had to him, she had nothing left for herself and thus lost her self in the process. The card advises you to stop dreaming of finding happiness and completion through another person and find a way to make yourself happy and content by learning to like and love yourself. You search outside yourself for satisfaction but no one knows you as well or can ever make you as happy as you can yourself. Be your own best friend. Everyone else may leave you, but you will always have your own self as a companion and source of support. Unless you find love within, you can never attract it outside of yourself or recognise it when it arrives. The answers to everything you want always exist inside you. That is where you must start, and only then move into the outer world.

    2010 for you is one of the best years to find love and September is the best month of the year to devote to improving all your relationships - with family, and friends old and new. Like attracts like. When you have real love inside, that energy will draw similar vibrational energy - real love - from the outer world towards you.

  • Thank you Captain.

    That card represent me well. I've always looked for a lover to complete myself, dreaming of happiness and completion through another person. Wanting them to make me happy, love me and somehow show me how to love myself too and be happy within. But it is true I need to confront painful reality, stop dreaming, and find a way to make myself happy and contend by learning to like and love myself.

    Do you have any advice or suggestions for me on learning how to do that?

    You're right about September being the best month to devote to improving relationships.

    There are people who haven't been in my life for a while and has came back into my life all of a sudden.. there are also people who surround me that I'm building better relationships with..

  • caption thanks for the insight that you have giving to me... i know that jupiter has entered into my birthchart infact tomorrow it enters till january... im just so excited to see what it is going to bring to me... ive been through a rough relationship the last one where there was alot of abuse involved... i guess thats why im inquiring so much for im scared also... am i ready for this new relationship, for i feel it is getting close for a new one... im a little psychic myself, i just think i dont know how to really use my ability... although i know i cant use my own ability on myself... it doesnt work that way no matter how psychic you can be for someone else... but if you have anything else you can tell me please let it out captain, i appreciate allready what youve told me...

  • Jaffeebella,

    I just left you a message on your other thread.

    I feel the same way as you, I can't read for myself!


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