Asking for your prayers for mom

  • I'm asking for prayers for my mom. Yesterday she had an Aneurysm. Im 500 miles away from her. I cant leave home until 9am. I also ask for the Doctors and nurses that touch her. Any guidence would be apricated. All I know is it could go either way. Thank you all and may the angels be with you.

  • Dear Millcab90,

    Im sorry to hear about what has happend to your mom sending healing energy and prayers her way . My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time . Take care ((Hugs)) Mags

  • Millcab90, you and your mother are in my thoughts. Take care my dear.

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  • Hello just checking in i hope that all is well and that your Mom is recovering ok

    Sending prayers and pink healing energy your way Take care ((HUGS)) Mags

  • Oh Mill ,, new here sorry , I do the Novena to Mary for lots of htings lol so I will add your mama. I do'nt get the feeling that it is over in any w like she has way to much to do ya know/ . I'm not psychic , I get "feelings" , and I just don't get that I hope I"m wite Blessings to yu and yours hon! CHIN UP !! that is what she needs the most shiny happy people . Much love and faith ..

  • Thank you soo much Greenmother35 and all others for your prayers. My mother has 4 Aneurysms. she had 1 repaired. She fell in hospital and now has a sciatic problem. And a headach all the time. She stays in bed most of the time. Shes in a lot of pain and doc says will last about 3 months. Ive been staying with her and also need your prayers. It is hard to see someone you love in pain and cannot make it go away. May the lord bless you all.

  • Im sorry to hear that your Mom is in so much pain still sending healing energy and prayers for her as well for you and your family ,

    God Bless take care ((Hugs)) MAGS

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