Cosmos screaming, dont!

  • im seeing signs..or symbols when i meditate. i dont understand and am unable to decipher their ...with the sun, moon, and mercury in the new moon in my sign, virgo, im sure someones trying to tell me something. I just dont know what it is...suggestions?

  • Hi bubll, this may sound silly but many years ago I had the most intense dream. I was in the process of looking for a job at the time. In the dream were many people along the shore of a great body of water - like a river or ocean. They were wearing incredibly bright colored robes, and there were brightly colored banners hanging from posts with symbols that I couldn't read. The people were all brown-skinned so I knew that this was some foreign place.

    I couldn't shake this dream, it was just so intense and it kept nagging me, what does it mean? Well, it was just a couple of weeks later that I got a call for a job interview. It was with a company along Lake Michigan in the printing industry (I had lived in Missouri my whole life so this was a very foreign place for me to think about going). The job involved writing and working with photography and very much dealing with color quality. Because of the timing with the dream, when they made me the job offer I didn't even think twice, I already knew that I'd been given the message that I must say "yes" and go. And here I am still! Needless to say, the water was the Big Lake, Lake Michigan, I live and work just minutes away from it. The colors and the symbols represented the many things I would be working with in my job.

    Perhaps there is some question hovering in the back of your mind or perhaps this is information that will make sense to you when the right time arrives. You will say, "ah, ha!" that's why I was seeing those symbols.

    Just a thought. I'm sure it's aggravating not knowing what to make of it all. I hope it resolves for you soon. 🙂

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