Captain, can you do a one question reading if still on

  • i would love to find out the man im interested in and when and if we really are going to get together

  • I drew a card for you from my own deck. The card is the asteroid Persephone.

    This card concerns an attraction to the ‘bad boy’ type of person. Here, there is a tendency for the darker side of someone's nature to figure prominently in the attraction, especially romantically. Love relations here will be fraught with problems, from possible parental or family involvement to a one-sided love commitment. There is conflict indicated unless understanding and acceptance is reached. Even if it is not reached, the individual will follow their attraction beyond all good advice and opinion that is given. There is an element of deception and trickery within the connection on some level, possibly self-deception. However, it is not all doom and gloom for the romance, far from it. True love can be found - deep, committed love, but only if the larger concerns and attitudes about life are shared. In a sense, the love formed is a dark love, where there are elements of danger/temper/possessiveness attached to it, but it is a real and raw union. This is a not a light and fluffy connection at all and one that not many on the ‘outside’ would actually understand.

    The card indicates a distinct possiblity of the two of you getting together but that it may not be the sort of fantasy romance you perhaps are seeking. Be aware if you pursue this person, there will be many trials and problems and a 'walk' on the dark and dangerous side of life. You will have to be very strong to get through this. It can succeed however if you share enough things in common, and both of you want the relationship to work and are prepared to put in the effort and time. You had better make very sure that your potential partner wants the same things as you.

  • Hi captain, thanks for the reading you did for me on the other thread. Can you pick up a card for me on the question of a future with the person I am interested in?

  • Swat4u, the card I drew for your friend is the asteroid Narcissus.

    This is the card of someone who is more involved and in love with himself than with anyone else and will always put himself first in every area of his life. He devotes himself to himself and only allows other people into his inner circle if they show him admiration and flatter his ego. In other words, he makes friends of people in order to accumulate a 'fanclub'. It is an empty superficial way of life and he will hopefully one day see that. But it will be a long time before he can step out of his self-involved selfish ways enough to consider other people. With someone so self-absorbed as this, life will send some harsh lessons that will force him to open his eyes to the world around him and to have consideration for others. One of the possible lessons will be to fall madly in love with someone who doesn't return his love, or who is as selfish as he and forces him to become their 'love slave'.

  • captain, you are so awsome... i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this... i guess it is something for me to consider huh... but i have to ask one more question, when are we going to move in a direction together.... right now we are both going our own way... is it anytime soon or is it still time to wait for this... if you can give me an insight to about when we will try and work a relationship out will be great captain, and again i do appreciate this from the bottom of my heart hon.... jennifer is my name....

  • thank you so much, captain. this is great, you have nailed his personality completely!

  • Jaffeebella, I feel the person you are interested in has too much on his plate at the moment to be concerned with a romantic relationship. Besides, I don't feel he thinks of you in that way at present, although this may of course change further down the track. But I sense his eyes are looking elsewhere.

  • thank you captain so much for this reading you helped me alot...

  • You're very welcome!

  • captain do you feel like doing a full reading on me... i can really use one as my heart just broke into pieces... i need insight to what is going to be up coming in my life.... id appreciate it so much captain... thanks jennifer

  • Jaffeebella, you have had a lot of people here give you advice. What more do you need to know about exactly? Why are you so desperate?

  • its not that im desperate im just so confused... and i cant see infront of me as to which way to go... i cant be with two men... me in love with one and one in love with me, it isnt right,... i need to know what direction i need to walk... thanks for your understanding... oh and what you see for us are we going to work out for awhile or is it brief... i also want to be with the one that is better for me also... i dont want to make the wrong decision... for they are both good... but the one card you pulled for me said that the man im interested in is a bad boy... that is funny ive always called the one i gave you the birthday to a bad boy and thats the one im really interested in... thanks jaffeebella

  • I don't feel that either of these men is good for you at all - i feel you often are drawn to men who are bad for you simply because you don't know yourself well enough to know what is good for you. You need to calm down and spend some time renewing your relationship with yourself beofre you look outside for love.

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