What is going on with my scorpio man? help

  • hi, i am new here, i am Aquarius woman 2/1/75, my boyfriend is Scorpio 11/11/68, we have a great relationship for , 6 months, , it was great until month ago when he started to be very distant, no texts, no calls nothing..i live in Holland, he lives in London, i have been once in his place, he did come 4 times to see me.

    He said that he loves me, i never hurt him ..i am really confused right now,,please can someone help me? why he shut me out, he knows i love him so much.

    he was married for 7 years, got divorced 3 years ago.

  • The relationship ran it's course, it was never meant to be a long lasting relationship I feel he still wants to be single and have no commitment, also there is illusion and trickery surrounding this situation.

  • thanx for your reply, i love him so much , i have no problem to see him once a month..., He is very independant broker , he knows that i am not into marriage or living together..i have my own life and kids.i have been married before with aquarian man, it was very abusive marriage.

    His absence is killing me...

  • He told me before that he is in love with me, that i was very special to him, i am a beautiful woman, not desperate to have relationship, but he was my real first love, everything with him was intense and passionate..during the 6 months we never had any fights or disagreement.

  • This is the cards I got for you and him (Relationship Spread.

    You - 3 Of Cups

    The situation - The Chariot

    Him - Death

    The relationship has ran it's course is the type of man to make you feel like you are his soulmate, he has this ability to make you believe that you both have a cosmic connection, He is charming, a sweet talker.. This was a short passionate affair. I also see him juggling more than one woman at this time, this is were the whole illusion and trickery comes in.

    I see a new window of opportunity in around 4 months, and I see romance. 🙂

  • thanx a lot for your reply...I already decide not to go after him.

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