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  • I am a leo however my Uranus sign is scorpio. I have read that when Uranus is in scorpio it can make you have very strong telepathy skills I have read one of my trades is egocentricness which could impower other people with my skills if I wanted. I have had plenty of dreams where in my dreams I was controlling things and making them move. I also have had in depth dreams about people I know regarding there personality or how I viewed them and was right I can't prove this and I am not claiming anything. If anyone would like to talk about this or something else I am open minded.

  • I know something of what you are talking about, I have experienced these types of dreams and also waking dreams where I was able to speak to people in the other realms I have experienced astral traveling to places all over the world. It is not strange or uncommon, you should not feel like you are weird or something

  • Dear Wildstar1234,

    From a young age I discovered that I had certain powers too - It started when I was a little girl and got stronger into my teenage/young adult years at university - I could dream that I was in the university lecturer's house thumbing the exam scripts lying on his desk and could see everyone's marks/grades - I told my classmates their marks before they got their scripts back from the lecturers. They were naturally freaked out. Into my adult my gift has continued in every other way - yes I know that you can read the minds of others - I do too and it makes people very uneasy around me - you will find that you will be a bit of a loner as people around you will perceive you to be too perceptive of their thoughts. At first I used to feel hurt that people withdrew from me but later I realized I could read their facial expressions before I had even uttered one word to them. It's very interesting because I can also pre-empt the words that are going to come from peoples mouths before they even say them - in real life - on the televesion - in movies etc.... Use your gifts to help others help themselves - You will grow in leaps and bounds soon ...... enbrace your gift form Spirit . - God Bless - Gipsy 321

  • Please tell me more about this, its so fascinating!

  • its really interesting about you, i am a taurus. Can you just tell more about taurus in detail.

  • Hey everyone, I'm a taurus! Well, I heard that us taureans have some kind of intuitiveness, which means that we can know something without really knowing it (which is pretty much what being psychic is). It has to do with the fact that a taurus knows the value of everything; what is real and what is fake, etc. They're creatures who depend on their senses, and taureans usually have strong senses. I think they're psychic in an earthly way; they're telapathic through their senses. I hope this answers the question of Taurus being psychic.

    )O <--- Symbol for Taurus

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