Premontory Dream anyone comments onthis one

  • I had a dream about 3 years ago that I would like to share and see if anyone has any input.

    I have had dreams that had been "deja view " in that I have dreamt about a place - fprgptten about it - and later found mysel in surroundings that were exactly like those I had in the dream. Or dreamt of something happening and thought nothing of the dream and later had it happen. I can just never pick out the ones I should listen to and do anything about them. Anyway, about this dream I had about 3 years ago. In this dream I was in a wedding I remembered thinking it was odd because it was going to be my wedding but I am already married. I thought I was getting married to my own husband again. That was kind of weird but - okay -people do that - nothing to wake up about there - Then I was together with another darkhaired man. Someone came up to me and said - " You know, you can't get married to your brother while you are still married to your husband." This was really really weird. Why would I want to marry my brother?. The circumstances of this dream have now come back to haunt me as I am in the suspended process of a divorce that my husband started (its suspended due to finances)

    About a year or more ago, met someone and I immediately got the feeling that I had known him before.

    He later showed up in a past life regression as having once neen my sister and another time, my brother. I did not think that too odd as I had gotten the feeling that I had know him before. I only recently thought about putting the dream and the past life regression together

    and trying to see if there was meaning there for me. Any comments?

  • Sounds to me like you might be inclined to have a relationship that could lead to marriage with this person who was once your brother in another lifetime. Soul groups, the connection to others throughout numerous lifetimes. Sorry you are going through a divorce and that there are difficulties in resolving the finances of it all. But it almost sounds like you got a glimpse into the future or what could be the future. If there are any feelings there you may want to see how it plays out perhaps it is your destiny.

  • Thanks RC. I thought the dream was so weird when I had it and I kept trying to change it as I dreamt it. My brain kept saying "this is silly - it doesn't work that way . etc.etc. but it kept on until it went into something else that I don't remember. I just thought at the time it might mean that I might have to be in a partnership with my brother. Then I happened to go to this past life regression, which was also really weird, I was listening to the recording of it the other say as I was arranging my CD's and media files and I just got to thinking about the dream. Well - I will just wait and see what the universe presents. thanks!

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