Cosmos is screaming at me but i dont understand.

  • im seeing signs..or symbols when i meditate. i dont understand and am unable to decipher their ...with the sun, moon, and mercury in the new moon in my sign, virgo, im sure someones trying to tell me something. I just dont know what it is...suggestions?

  • why did you post 4 posts with the same question?? you must be impatient. lol

    I have no clue what your symbols were? it would help a lot if you included the symbols so folks here can offer their insights.

    so you are a triple virgo. what does that mean? other than the fact you are a triple virgo, and you have supplied no information on your symbols, I don't think you are going to get much help.


  • I get signs from the universe all the time. It is my personal opinion that the cosmos is smart enough to know what signs to send you. Listen to your intuition, what does it FEEL LIKE you are being told?

    The more you start trusting your own intuition, the easier it gets.

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