My ex and my son, just a mess!

  • Back at the end of December my daughter stopped going to her fathers because of a number of things, mostly because of his wife and the fact that they took my daughters cell phone away which was a brand new gift simply because she was texting me.

    Now for months my son DOB 9-19-1996 has been saying he is sick of going over there to and has never stopped going over there until today. My son has had several opportunities to tell his father he doesn't want to be there and each time didn't go thru with it. Today however was different. My ex showed up here and my son told him he didn't want to go with him.

    I don't know what to think. My son is physically upset and very emotional he told my mother he's way past upset and also just said to me he hoped he did the right thing. I just don't know what to do with this whole situation any more!

    Of course you know and I know I will get blamed for this but I had nothing to do with his final decision. I didn't know what to say it shocked me. I almost felt sorry for my ex. He's done so many hurtful things to us all, I don't even know how I feel sorry for him.

    I guess my question is how long will this last that he won't go over there? Will it make things better in the long run? This lady has my ex so wrapped up and confused will he ever overcome the mess he's made for himself and for our children? I thought me and him would be on better speaking terms by this month, but I don't see that. Ack right now I don't know what I see!

    Help please! My son is so upset I don't want him to wind up in trouble at school or severely depressed. I seen this coming, it's here, now what do I do? How do I help in a situation where I don't want to wind up looking like the bad guy and causing more drama and trauma then there has already been!?!??

    Enclosing a pic of my daughter and son I hope anyway!

  • Picture of the kids I hope

    Daughter is Dec 31 1993

  • Try again

  • Still wondering about the outcome of all of this?

  • Another bump please

    He is supposed to be going back to his fathers Monday.

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