Hi Captain, Loving Gem girl here wanting ur help? xxz

  • Hi Captain,

    I have just been reading through some of your forums and you seem like a very smart woman with great powers 🙂 My birthday is 5/23/1985 and I wanted to know if you could do me a reading? My bf is 1/09/1987. i love him with all of my heart but i seem to feel that i love him more than he loves me? I guess it could be his capricorn ways, he comes across as cold and he always has said he doesnt need anyone hes fine by himself, he had a rough childhood growing up on his own, his parents have not always been there for him.....i just want to know am i wrong by thinking he doesnt have love for me? my gemini ways bother him i know because im the crazy gem and hes the stable cap but i love him for who he is and i wouldnt want to change nothing about him. i feel that im the only one that cares for him but he doesnt realise this? maybe he doesnt trust me? or has trust issues? i have no idea but i would do anything for him, i would never ever hurt him. he always says that he thinks i wouldn't go out of my way for how he goes out of his way for me and that is not true. its like he just assumes im some sort of way when im not, i am the sweetest most loving person so i dont understand why he thinks that way? i know he hasnt had many relationships, people look up to him as a strong and independant man because he is. i am just so confused. do u think he will ever open up to me the way i want him to? i want to hear his emotions and get under that cold hard shell he carries.....i always seem to have these relationship problems, like i have been hurt in the past, and i carry that insecurity with me, i always think someone will hurt me like the last person did. i just feel like im always back in the same position again. please help me. i want my relationship to work, i just need some of your input, i would appreciate it very much

  • Answered in other thread.

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