Electric Shock Feeling?

  • Hi,

    This may sound crazy, but the other day I was walking through a museum, and I got what felt like an electric shock in my back/shoulder, or like someone snapped your bra strap type shock. I jumped and swung around, but nothing.

    Can anyone throw any light on this, if I tell any of my family, they will think Im daft!!

    It did make me laugh.

    kind regards


  • anyone????

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  • thanks dmick59!!!! I suspected that, just wanted to hear someone elses opinion. Forceful lot arent they!!!! ha ha.

    Ive had a kettle turning on and off on me in the past (was asked by a medium, whats going on with your kettle - I nearly fell over!!!!). I was critically ill a couple of years ago, and did see an angel of light when I finally returned home. I have started guided meditation a few months ago and really enjoying it. We also do healing on each other, felt abit embarassed at first, as the rest are all professional healers, and I just wandered in curious!!! but Im flabbergasted at what Ive picked up from the others.

    I feel Im on a journey in a new direction, but not sure were Im going.

    Scarey for me, as I like to plan!!! but going with the flow!!!

    Maybe I was at my most relaxed, walking around, that they thought was an ideal time to shock me!!

    Its all very bizzare.

    Thanks for your reply dmick59!! My hubby just laughed at me when I told him.

    kind regards


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  • Hi dmick59, just wanted to let you know how this has unfolded!!

    Well I go to a meditation class so I asked my teacher what she thought (shes a reiki master), she said my outer layer of my aura was very sensitive. She asked who was I thinking about, and at the time I couldnt answer her. She told me to go away and think about it. For a few days I kept asking "who was it" then I got the words "a friend" in my head. I knew then who it was, a friend who died 14 years ago called Ray, but I sensed the words A Friend had further meaning. I then remembered that same phrase from a movie Michael Douglas and Demi Moore was in, so I checked to see when that film came out and it was 1996. you see my friend was a big movie boff and when I checked to see what year he died, it was 1996!!!!

    I am in no doubt it was my friend Ray. I had been talking about him the previous day, asking my husband if we were anywhere near the town he came from and if we could visit his grave. We didnt manage to get there, but I guess he heard me!!

    Last night I was at my class again, and I sensed him there playing with my hair and then it felt he was giving me healing. The girl next to me felt someone playing with her hair too.

    I just wanted to share with you my crazy story! It really has made me laugh and helped me.

    thank you.

    kind regards


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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi dmick,

    I believe helpers are put in your path to guide and help you, you just have to be listening and recognise (which you are!). I have always been driven by my head and now am following my instincts and heart, without any agenda or plan - just seeing what will happen!

    My grandmother is very elderly and was taken into hospital 2 weeks ago. We have been told she doesnt have long. The first day I was shocked to see her like that, so I put my hands on her and did healing. My mum came back 20 mins later, and commented how she had improved in a short space of time. A few days later, we were told she had a bad turn so I rushed down to the hospital. I put my hands on her and I cant tell you how powerful the energy was. I could feel her energy very strong. She put the thought in my head "whose healing who"!!!! ha ha. The next day she shocked everyone and opened her eyes and spoke, she was able to say she wasnt it pain and acknowledge my cousin that had rushed back from oz. I believe she is healing those around her in preparation for her leaving. My family are all stunned and surprised at her improvement. I dont claim to have healed her, God does that, Im still learning and trying to understand. My cousin came to stay for a few days to visit my granny and she asked me did I realise there was a spirit in my house! I said, I also had seen it. That night, a musical instrument was through or rolled right across my bedroom. I guess its my grandad. My 6 year old said "mammy there is a ghost in the kitchen", so its not just me. Seems there are a few sensitive people in my family.

    My meditation teacher/angel reiki master said that my granny was indeed healing those around her and that we were blessed to have this time with her. That she would visit me often from the other side and help me with my healling. I have a very strong bond with my grandmother, and know it will go beyond the grave.

    My cousin is also sensitive to spirit so it was great to chat to someone that knew what was going on in my head!!

    Just explore and join any group and see what happens. Im thinking Reiki too.

    merry christmas


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