Cancer man.....What do i do?

  • Don't feel like a fool, everything happens for a reason, all this is necessary for your emotianal growth and knowledge, don't ever feel like a fool for opening your heart to another, lessons are always learnt from it and you grow as a person.

    We all want to be loved, however we need limits, we need to set limits of what we will put up with and what we will not this way we are sending the universe a message of what we want, if you don't have limits and go with the flow it can get confusing, specially if the other person is not emotinally stable or grounded themselves.

    Sometimes it is good to be flexible but sometimes it's not, use your intuition, don't doubt yourself , trust your instincts, they are telling you something for a reason, but the ego usually gets in the way.

    The outcome card for your last question was the 3 of cups and the empress.

    Keep busy with things you enjoy doing, and try to socialise more with your female friends, feel your heart with activities that bring joy to you, be the master of your own happiness, this will give you strength and help you see clearly, basically love yourself more, be selfish and think of what YOU want for YOU, what completes you as a person and what completes your soul.

    I am glad I was of help, I have faith you will get past thins and become more wise because of it and that can only be a good thing. 🙂

  • Sashamoon,

    Just saw the last message you sent.

    I am sticking to what you said.

    "But ask yourself, is that the kind of relationship you want? or

    do you deserve better".

    This is definately not the relationship I want. Its time to move on.

    I am not going to get in contact with him. I know who I am as a person, I am not perfect but I

    deserve better.

    I am going to put your name on another one of my heart rocks, you have done so much for me.

    Maybe this is the reason I found all these Love Heart Rocks in my garden, because you are part of the team that is helping me heal my heart.

  • Sashamoon..........Thankyou

    I am going to bed now and do what I do best "dream".

    Good nite and may the stars shine forever on you


  • I wish you the very best of luck . I will be honoured to have one of your love heart rocks named after me. 🙂 all the best Piscesstar.

  • hey piscestar,

    I am following this thread, and I see you have some wonderful help here. you did it again you know? I collect Angels too! and I have them around in various places. I have one on my dresser in my bedroom in front of my shrine or altar where I do my meditation or prayer. this angel is holding a star! get it? you are a star! piscesstar hehehehe

    anyways, I see you are going to be okay, I just know it.

    Blessed be, Sunny

  • Piscesstar, you have given yourself excellent advice. You should become a forum helper here with that intuition of yours and your compassionate nature. We generally get more people asking for help than we can cope with.

  • Hiya, Im a cancerian woman! By what you have said it sounds like that he really likes and after seein your x's van I think that may have put him off. Cancerian man will probably be in a v deep sulk in his shell! Cancerian men can be very stubborn give him time. If he does come out of his sulk could you see yourself in a relationship with him not just friends???? think about it.

    Good luck!

  • Hey u MS Sunny.

    The Heart rock in front of the Angel is holding a red heart on my dresser, I love Angels.

    You know I have been following your advice for a very long time and I am so happy we connected.

    Today was a good day, my 8 yr old girl came in my bedroom this morning holding the tiniest heart rock (half size of a pinky finger nail) I have no idea how she could have seen it, it was in her bedroom on the floor. The carpet in there is the same color as the rock, and its shape is perfect. There is something very spiritual about our home and I feel very protected. I gave the nurse her heart rock today, she had been upbeat and happy since her diagnosis, but broke down after I placed the heart rock in her hands, deep down she told me she is so scared but now knows she is going to be okay, I know it's a good sign for her. Thats exactly how I felt when you, The Captain and Sashmoon helped me with all your advice. I know my situation is very different to hers, but I really felt comforted by you all even though some of the answers weren't what I was looking for, you all kept it real.

    Please let me know more about your heart rocks and Angels, and, see the cancerian man did good after all, he connected us together! LOL.......maybe he is a good man after all?.....hmmmmmm, I won't go there!!

  • Hey Captain,

    Thank you so much for the compliment, I would love to pay it forward and help others, I actually find much peace in helping others. My late dad was the same way, (he actually never had an enemy in his life) and was always giving because he wanted to, I learnt from the best!

    You know I have a heart rock for you too, some people are going to think I am crazy, but I know what happened to me these passed few days, and all the signs I recieved, these heart rocks are a reminder of what you all did for me.

    You keep up your great work too, I see what you have done for people also, I also enjoyed reading what you wrote for other people, and you gave me some great lessons to learn.

    I hope you will stay in touch just incase I need you again.

    Aint you happy the cancerian is being a pain to me? We never would have connected otherwise:))

  • DelGal69,

    Thats the little gut feeling I have with regards to Cancerian man's feelings he has towards me. There were a couple of incidents when we were together that some jealousy showed up. I never gave him any reason to be jealous, and the funny thing is, because I liked him, no other man interested me, He admitted to me he is insecure and very emotional and he does not want to hurt me.

    He was the one who left his wife after 25yrs marriage. His ex-wife is a cancerian too, I know she was loyal to him and a very good mother to their children, but their marriage was not an easy one. (married young and pregnant). She is obviously a bitter woman towards him now and she does put him down.

    Just another thing, I never had a problem with him if he had to be around his ex-wife with his girls, (although the ex doesn't communicate directly with him, she sends messages through their girls).

    No matter what, divorced people with children will always be connected because of their children, like it or not, why fight that. (thats just my opinion). I don't like being jealous, that is the most uncomfortable feeling for me, it is much easier to accept the circumstances and "TRUST" is the key. Huge in my books.

    Cancerian man had absolutely nothing to worry about my ex. He knows I have no feelings for my ex, thats why this situation confused me and why cancerian went in his shell, was that an excuse for him to bail out on me?

    Will I ever know the truth? Does it matter now?

    I will be his friend. As of now, I don't know If can think of having a relationship with him.

    I know I am healed from my divorce, I have moved on with my life, but I think he has so much inner work to do, he is so closed of emmotionally.

    Deep down, I believe he is a good man, but how long will it take for him to heal, this push/pull treatment, I shouldn't have to deal with that. I don't think its healthy for my girls to be around that kind of behaviour either. (I won't bring any man into our home unless I know its going to be a relationship).

    I was not thinking marriage at all, (don't think I will marry again), I like some one to enjoy life with and go with the flow. I don't think I am asking too much.

    Who knows, maybe later on in the future, he heals himself and he is ready for some type of commitment/companionship, and if I am still single, who knows?

    The reality is now.

    Hope I made sense, I am working on making sense of this situation.

    Thanks for reading this.