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  • Hey There

    I would greatly appreciate a career reading.

    I am really disappointed today, the job I really wanted was not offered after waiting a month.

    I really want to work for the aviation industry, its something I really really want to do.

    I had applied for a job at an airline company, got through the 2 interviews and a reference check was done too.

    I am a qualified accountant and this role was a sales analyst role, not even needing an accoutning background so it was given to someone which was more at their level.

    I am soooooooo gutted, its the company I really wanted to work for. I even took few short courses within the aviation industry so that it would assist me when I do apply for such roles.

    I cant see myself working for another firm now as I just dont have the drive and motivation as I do for the aviation sector.

  • after waiting a month you are now disappointed. I know that feeling. My husband has been looking for work for 2 years, and still looking. the good news for you, is that because you are young, you will get another job.

    when you are searching and applying, it would be smart for you not to put all your eggs in one basket. even if you think you are going to get it.

    are you aware for every job you apply for, there are at least 100 applicants for one position. of course this sounded like a good job and probably with benefits. these "good" jobs draw so many applicants nowadays, the employers are cherry picking.

    good luck,


  • Yeah, but its what I really wanted and was not keen to look at other positions.

    I do realise that many apply for such roles and I was lucky to get to the final 2. Just a shame that I did not get it after preparing for it sooo sooo much. As I said, its what I really want to do get involved in.

    I hope your husband finds something really soon too 🙂

  • thank you for your kind thoughts. wishing you magic, Sunny

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