How do I know what type of reading would be best for me right now ?

  • I am new here and have never had an online reading...and don't know where to start. I feel that I am at a critical crossroad...on many levels, and need a bit of direction....Any help is appreciated.

    Thank You


  • LuminousLauren, Welcome

    Just leave your Birth info an someone, will help you, "i am sure"...Just have patience...

    All our gifted ones do this out of the kindness of their hearts..

    Love your name

    Peace and light


  • Friend Sheila,

    Thank you.....And I believe you are also "Luminous"...people are drawn to you , aren't they ?

    Blessings to you...

    Lauren Marcelle Cunningham

    (Given is Lori, I changed it to Lauren forever ago...My mom has always told me I wouldn't have had to change it if she had thought of it first!)

    September 15, 1961 9;21 p.m.

    San Luis Obispo California 93401

    Thank You


  • bump and thank you, Lauren



  • Me again, Lauren hehe..

    Alot of readers come on at different time..All different time zones

    If you want you can start a new post and ask for MsSunny, or watergirl18, these are the two right now that have been active, but of course i can't speak for them..

    I keep getting drawn to your post, must be the Lumanous name...

    Namaste' Lauren

    peace, light and love


  • Hello Again Friend Sheila !!

    Thank you !!! I got onto a thread where Watergirl is doing readings !! It will be sometime this week...but any help is appreciated. I haven't had a reading in many years and sometimes you just need that little light up ahead to decide what road just might be the best , in this moment.

    And this may sound silly, but, thank you just for replying. I had never posted anything and I wasn't sure anyone was really out there....but your reply made me feel like I wasn't stepping onto another dark were the first little light up ahead ..

    Tthank You..



  • Hello again Lauren, I knew there was a reason for me drawn to your post, I just read an update on watergirls thread and BAMMMMM my friend I also suffer from fibromialgia, chronic fatigue,chronic pain and osteoarthritis in both knees...Sometimes I am drawn to people and posts..I am just learning about empaths...

    Any time you want to chat, just call I'm here.

    Peace,Light, "always light Lauren trust me when I say this please..."


    Aka Shatz, I changed my name a week or so , I have grown so much since I have started the tarot threads it will be a year in October, like you I never went on a public form and it took me awhile to ask a question...I have had tarot readings in the past, but those were face to face ones..Pull up a chair and get familar with the threads, lots to learn..



  • Just bumping encase the thread gets pushed down Lauren

  • bump

  • Hi Friend...sorry I haven't got back here...along with the regular stuff...I work 40+ hours a week. I love my job, but with fibro, it can be difficult. As you know.....pain sucks. I will be here this weekend and I look forward to talking to you and following this new "thread" that has been woven into my life.



  • Sounds good Lauren, take care of yourself will chat soon...

    Peace,light,love and healing being sent your way..

    Namaste Friend 🙂


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