• I've been getting all these symptoms, but I'm too scared to go for a test yet.

    Can someone please tell me if I'm pregnant or not...

    My DOB is 05/07/1992 (day/month/year)

    I've been having dreams about a positive test result, and a little girl. So I'm scared to go for a test yet...

  • WOW...You sound just like me at the you have been having dreams wow this says alot.....hmmmm now I am wondering more and more as the days goes by....hope all turns out well for you...many blessings

  • Thanks. I hope it turns out well for you too.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't really want a kid yet though. I'm only 18, and well the guy is younger than me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't have enough money to pay for a test atm. And I have no friends or family that would buy me one 😕 I get paid on Wednesday. But I'd still like to know if someone can predict whether it's worth buying a test. Being a cancer and all, I don't like spending money 😛

  • please, anyone? Captain?

  • no you are not and your boyfriend is no good for you either, you can do better 🙂

  • I don't have a boyfriend, lol.

  • Try not having unprotected sex until and unless you are ready to be a mother and father, full time. Seriously, ladies, have more respect for yourselves, your bodies, and "children-2-be," to abstain from unprotected sex until you are in an emotionally stable, mature & financially sound situation.

  • You say you don't have a boyfriend? Ok, my reading still stands, you can do better and the "male" around you is no good for you, he will not support you if you do become pregnant. My whole point is, your environment is very self destructive and the people around you are no good.

  • Find a Planned Parenthood or free clinic or something and go get tested.

  • They're fully booked 'till like 2weeks.

    And it wasn't exactly unprotected, I am on the pill. Just my body rejects it quite often, my body does not like pills or medicine very much, and I'm allergic to condoms, and the DPV makes me very sick.

  • There are non latex condoms on the market if you are allergic to latex. They cost more, but are cheaper than a kid when you're not ready for one. You should maybe consider them as backup since you're only on the "pill". Besides the "pill" only protects against possible pregnancy, not std's or sti's.

    Be safe (and not pregnant until you're ready).

  • And there are loads and loads of different types of pill, you maybe need one with a very low male hormone in it, they are really quite good, like microgynon 30 or even 20 which is the lowest one I think. Or try the mirena coil. Take a pee sample to your doctor. The test takes 5 minutes so there is no way they are booked up. Loads of options presuming you are living in the western world. Be good to yourself and your body. Putting a baby on this planet is a life changing experience so don't do it until you are ready and can enjoy it. It is also not something to joke about. And as you are female it WILL happen to you unless you are careful.

    So, preaching hat off. Good luck and I hope the outcome is whatever you secretly want.

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