Been doing a little bit of soul searching lately

  • i asked, she has no clue, gonna have to call town hall, sry i couldnt give it to you sooner, i will email it to you when i get it

  • well that's good lol better than nothing i suppose seeing as how ive been waiting for probably half of my life for this stuff i guess that i should be able to wait a little bit longer lol

  • but you have absolutely no fuckin idea how happy or excited i will be when i finally get a hold of that litle bit of information from you lol 🙂

  • Can i ask why it is so important to you?, and did you get my Email?

  • you'll just have to wai and see i guess but which email address did you send it to

  • well maybe that's because ive finally relized after 15yr's lol that not of this has ever been your fuckin fault lol and that in spite of everything that we've been through together and all of the bullshit that ive put you through ive still got some very strong feeling's for you which is both a good thing and a bad thing seeing as how you've gottin married and decided to have another fuckin kid with this fuckin asshole lol

  • i know that most of you guy's just think that ive been fuckin obsessed about you or something but i think that there has allway's been a perfectly good explination for that lol So that's part of the reason why ive been getting involved with all of this astrology stuff but maybe once i get to see you either or here or in person than i can try to explain this all to you a little bit better

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