Bimoon My Dear :)

  • I'll look further when the new moon comes but can tell you that I was surprised about you not making the English entrance--something holding you back at the time as you should ace that one. Get rest next time and don't wory so much or over think the questions. At the moment I'm hearing that planning is mostly out of your hands as you won't know your direction untill you are in the thick of it as this is as much about self discovery as education so try to not get into failure mode as you go along. Spirits are directing you towards helpfull nurturing teachers that will prepare you to find your direction. You will also find yourself facing a troubling past relationship that will surface in a teacher you do not do well with but it's all good as you learn a lot from it. Spirit says keep an open mind---accept adventure over answers and it will be fine. You are being guided by spirit so accept whatever comes at you---what I mean is even if you choose a class spirit will ultimetly do the choosing! Relax but get excited. Blessings.

    PS--Love your new name--very good! Nothing isolated or depressive about an angel bee--keep on keeping on!

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