Trouble With A Leo Man.

  • I've been talking to a Leo man for quite sometime now, He's an successful singer and actor, and model, and we 've been texting, talking on the phone and webcam , met through a friend,but we haven't spent time together. He told me that he gets jealous when I talk to other guys , because he knows I do and we had a little talk he told me that he loves me (more than once) and he told me that he wants to be with me , he said that he wants me to stay by his side , but he also made it clear that he isn't ready to date me right now he said "I have to make things good for us." Which is cool, and since he's in the public eye , since he's successful it does have a bit of pressure to it, I admit I kept nagging him about some rumors that were posted about him online, and pictures that caught him doing something that doesn't make him look good. I kept nagging him to talk to me about it , and come to think of it , I guess I did nag him alot because I was constantly on him about his personality and he said "my ways have nothing to do with you "So I guess I nagged one too many times because now he told me not to contact him anymore and he cut off all communication with me , so now I dont know what to do , I did send him a few emails but he did not respond to them . So now I dont know what to do.

  • Leos are not complicated. They love, love. They especially love being loved, as long as it’s not too much work. By work, I mean maintenance. –Not to be confused with torment; Leos like torment, it’s romantic. When your Leo professed his love for you, he was attempting to articulate his obsession over you. His excitement over the next time you would have an exchange, dominated his thoughts at the time, so to avoid sounding crazy, he took the mysteriously romantic route by exclaiming his love for you. He wasn’t lying to you, because he believed he was in love; but keep in mind his whimsical diagnosis was more of a fantastic dream. The trouble with fantastical dreams is that there is little room for reality or responsibility, before it wakes you up. No matter how hard one tries to go back to sleep, you can never quite get to continue the original dream. If he isn’t replying to your emails, you are free to move on. What I am concerned by is why you are pursuing someone that makes you feel less than magical. You’re worth more than that. Nagging is not the way you want to communicate, nor should fidelity be a necessary conversation in a healthy relationship. Love is not supposed to feel like a scab you can’t stop itching. It’s more like having resident butterflies in your stomach. Put on your best smile & go get your butterflies!

  • wow amazing comment thank you so much , wow.

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