What the hec

  • okay so I've know this guy for like a year now we started fooling around a few weeks ago. I told him I didn't want anything serious now hes starting to act more like an ass in front of people like he'll say, "I've got five other grls and i can't afford to take you out untill your in the top five or some stupid shit like. thane he'll bring up how he saw me flirting with other guys and always asking what i'm doing. I let him know i was dating other guys and now he wants to know what i'm doing and texting. The other day at work I wouldn't let him see my texts so he showed me a picture of some grl on his phone in her undies and bra. I know ASSHOLE but I just don't get why act like you care and then be an ass????

  • In my opinion, if he is going to treat you like that, then he is not worth it. It also seems to me like he is trying to make you jealous. Turn it back on him. Unfortunately, guys like to play the game. Why I don't know.

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