Ace of cups but how do i interpret it?

  • A man i've known for several years recently told me that he had feelings for me, only weeks before he's due to move away for 6 months for a job. He's moving about 6 hours drive away. I feel the same about him, have done for a long time and he has said the same but neither of us ever had the nerve to tell each other. Now he has admitted his feelings but is going away and doesn't want to commit to a long distance relationship, although he says its a real shame that only now have we discovered our feelings for each other!

    Why would he do that? He's a Pisces. Last night i chose a tarot card at random and got the ace of cups. I know this suggests new relationships and love but how can that be when the guy in question is going away, and worse still isn't sure if he will ever return?

    What can I do? And how should i feel? I would love for something to work out here but it seems impossible? Will he come back to me?

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  • Hi watergirl, thanks for your reply. I wondered if that might be the case even if I didnt really want to believe it. I drew the card after a really emotional day and evening spent with him, the last time i will see him before he goes. At the time, the card gave me a lot of hope but now I'm seeing that you are probably right. Can you give me any advice on what to do now? Should i have faith that something may still work out anyway, or leave it alone? I know this guy likes me, its such a shame as i feel like its one of those missed opportunities, its so sad.

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  • thanks for pulling the cards, it helps a lot. I totally agree with you, i would give 100% to this, and I agree the 6 months and 6 hours need not be an obstacle, but he's the one who is reluctant to try. I have told him how i feel and said 'i wish there was a way or working this out' but he replied with 'if it's meant to be it will happen'. I dont want to push him any more, and i cant help feeling he cant actually be THAT into me or he would be trying regardless of time or distance 😞

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