Pisces woman, Cancer Man

  • Im a crab guilty! and I find her so intimidating. I just cant see it in myself to say something to her. Its like every way i imagine to tell her how i feel about her, it just isint grand enough, isint romantic enough. I know that as soon as i do a sigh of relief between me and her will be heard. but the question is HOW?

  • Take a deep breath and blurt it out.

    The struggle is between maintaining the fantasy that she might versus finding out that she doesn't.

    Good luck. Scorpio/Cancer usually works better than most.

  • June 28th- Stop bein a pussy... just go do it and most importantly of all be yourself... if you're not yourself it will not work... when it does work however, what comes of that union will be more beautiful and rewarding than you can ever imagine... trust me, I know from experience...

  • P.S. - I cant believe I just got censored

  • June28th

    Pisces woman here.

    Don't hold back! Let her know exactly how you feel. Pisces love to hear when someone has feelings for us. Just be yourself and it doesn't have to be grand. Be sure to be looking into her eyes, you can't go wrong.

    Good Luck

  • Once you look into those eyes, you'll completely forget you were ever afraid.

  • agreed with piscesstar. do not hold back. now is the time.

    good news will come in retrogade


  • Hey, June28- wondering if that is your birthday, 'cause it's mine too... just curious since I've found it rare anyone shares that particular day. ( seriously, only curious- married w/ kids)


  • Hey June28

    It doesnt have to be so splendoured. It hasnet to be grand. It hasnet to be so special, it hasnt to be romantic even. All u need to do is juss say the words. hard i KNOW.

    im a pisces woman also, and my man is cancer. ive yet to hear it from him as ur pisces has to hear it from u. just say it,. can b while u do dishes to gether, or sit at the warf, or doing gardening, i love u. is basically all we n she wanna hear.

    i think its not so much the let her know how i feel thats the issue, its all the thoughts of what may can come be built b made from it. mayb its the ok i sad ilove her, next she wants me to propose, am i ready is she ready r our family ready n okay with it? wedding when where how much , home house condo ?? .............................. n BOOM suddenly the 3 words are making many tongue tied.

    trust me when i say for now she just wanan know if u n her are an item n can become an item. couple that is. all she wanna know is , do u n me as us have a future together. n the only answer to all these are the 3 words i love you.

    those 3 words WILL appeace us. it WILL appeace your pisceswoman. TRUST ME!.

    also JUST bc Vday is up ahead DONT let it hammer u to make moves u n her aint ready for. Vday places a HUGE pressure on people. Im almost there where i think anything n all that has been "agreed" "said" on Vday is void n legit bc its like "expected" to be said done popped requested asked n so on.

    best of luck my dear.

    ps if ya uncomfy SAYING it, well a handwritten will do as well. she´ll keep it at her heart N under her pillow. treasure it among ya snapshots.


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