Keen Coupon

  • Hi all,

    Just signed into my keen account to do some housecleaning with emails and I automatically got a $10 credit for just signing in. I'm not sure what the qualifications are to receive this except that you must be a current member. It was an August offer but it allowed me to redeem it today. It expires on 10/1. It's been months since I've last signed on (since May or June). Not sure if that had anything to do with it.

    Just thought I'd let some of you know since they usually only give discounts/gifts to new users or if you refer someone.

    Nice treat for anyone who wants a couple of email readings or a reduced phone reading charge.

  • what do you mean housecleaning with e-mails??

  • I sometimes get emails from advisors offering specials or letting people in general know that they are "on." I guess they are able to do a mail blast for members. I'll get emails in my yahoo account that 'Psychic so and so' just sent me a Keen email. I know I haven't contacted her/him so I don't bother to log in and read it.

  • ohh I see, yes I got that too but a long time ago... probably you realized when you log in now... I remember now, LOL sorry... I actually didn't get any notification but they did put that amount on my account as well...

    thanks 😉

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