RAMONITA ))))))))

  • Hey, Ram...

    Let me know when you are going to be on next

    Peace,Light, and Love



    Living on a prayer posted this one I just love the colour..

  • my journey

    that is so beautiful i wanted to get back to you last night, but suddenly i had company and when they left it was late, now tonight is the party here, busy, busy,i dont know if wednesday i came log in with peace tuesday i have a doctors appointment, and tonight i dont know how this house will end up tommorrow, i miss talking to you thankyou for making me a thread, i hope you have a great weekend with your man the sag, and daughter krista, i send prayers to all, for health and happiness.

    now i am going to write in the thank you forum,

    many blessings to you and krista, always,m

    hugs ramonita

  • Ok ramonita, love to you, I miss our chats I am hoping you will come back to this thread before they delete my FBI answer.

  • got it,

    miss our chats,m

    blessings to you, now i close,

    smile, laught, love, live,



  • Hey My Journey hope you do not mind me jumping in here, but i also miss lovely chats with Ramonita 🙂 i hope she do not mind me saying, but shes almost like a second mom too me, I do miss her good advice that i use to get from you ram, though i do guess you are busy busy at the moment, please do feel free to send me an email as well, And i also hope you get mine before they go by by with it LOL, , as for the same goes you My Journey, know you already got mine, but i still do not mind occasional emails, i defiantly love random oness heheeh

    Night night all

    Angel blessings Bee X

  • I'll make sure she gets it angelBee, i know Ramonita meens alot to you and i know she loves you also..

    Hugs Bec


  • Angel Bee," for me lately theres so many threads," i just can't keep up..But know you are always with me...You can always contact me also.

    Love peace, and light


  • My Journey, thanks very much believe it or not i felt the huggg 😄 thank you friend.

    Angel blessings and love to you Bee X and sweet dreams too. i will contact you soon i like too keep an update on my friends lol 🙂

  • to my journey and angel bee,

    i will be with you girls in a few minuites.



  • Dear Ramonita ,

    I hope you dont mind me joining your thread, i just want you to know that the angels have chosen an archangel for you from my oracle deck and the one that they think would be the best to assist you is, Archangel Chamuel, the same archangel that they chose for Amantin,

    it is very coincidental in a good way because it proves that they are around us and listening to our prayers . I know that you probably have read the info on Chamuel on the other thread but i will post it again here it is ,

    Archangel Chamuel

    Archangel Chamuel’s name means “He who sees God”. Archangel Chamuel helps with all issues related to love, tolerance and forgiveness. He helps you find you soul mate and develop unconditional love for a happy and harmonious partnership.

    Archangel Chamuel is very useful in helping with relationships, finding new friends, repairing damaged relationships and generally getting along with others. You can ask him for protection against malice, slander and misunderstanding.

    Find Lost Objects Using Archangel Chamuel

    Another one of Chamuel's specialties is helping you find misplaced items. Since nothing is ever truly lost in the eyes of the divine, Archangel Chamuel can direct you to the location of an item you can not readily see.

    If you need to find an object that you misplaced, such as keys, glasses, or a book, ask Chamuel for help. Use a simple invocation such as the following: "Archangel Chamuel, I seem to have lost my wedding ring. Please guide me to find it so that I may feel more at peace. Thank you." Notice where you attention is directed and follow up on guidance received.

    From revealing the love and peace inherent in all situations to locating missing items, Archangel Chamuel can help you find your way in this world so that you may enjoy inner and outer bliss and love.

    I pray that Chamuel can get Amantin back in conctact with you guys soon again .

    May the white light not only shine upon you but fill you up to overflowing abundance. You deserve it. .Lots of love Mags






  • LOVE to mi RAMO de RISAS

  • living on a prayer,

    you are very welcome here, my spirtual arms are opened to you any time you knock i will answer you, my door is open,wide open, come in and sit down, and chat with me, i love learning about spirtual things, i am sorry i didnot get to the computer earlier, i really appreciate the time and love you take out to give your love and your prayers, i wish everyone in the world would be like that, there would be less misunderstandings, and maybe no wars, love is such a great thing, i believe in the bible, love like faith moves mountains, thank you for getting the angel for me, i know deep down in my heart that the one for me, for at one time i even lost my self, not to drugs but from anger, i became so negative, that i was falling down a pit, now i find that my life, has made a turn, and i thank the universe for angels like yourself, may the universe bless you each second of your life.

    blessings, love, light,



  • my journey,

    i am allright, how about you, i will write you soon, just busy, but do not stop thinking about all of you, all of you have engraved thier names in my heart.


    love peace light to all,


  • rising phoenix,

    thank you for writing me,

    i love you to and pray for all that things for all get better, way better,

    may the universe bless you to!

    love peace knowledge to all,

    love and hugs,



  • that is so beautiful, and purple represents piece... beautiful for you to share it with all of us...


  • jeffeebella,

    thank you for commenting on living on prayer picture she sent me,

    and you know that the second part of your name in spanish also means



  • SOOOOO GOOOD to have you back Ramo de Risas!!!

  • Dear Ramonita,

    Thankyou so much for your kind words, i can totally understand where you are coming from when you said that you became a negative person ,i have also been through a time when i was a very negative person always seeing the worst in every situation always feeling down and out . I was my own worst enemy at one time never giving myself credit or praise for the good things that i have done always assuming im no good at this or that ,but the hardest judge that i have ever been on myself started the day that i became a mother my eldest child is 10 and its only in the last few years that ive started to turn my life around and move into a more positive frame of mind, now im alot better more at peace with myself, I feel that you have an abundance of positive energy radiating from you, i feel that the trials and tribulations that we go through in life can only make us better stronger and ,more positive people ,they can only bring us down if we let them ,we need to stay focused on being posiitive to prevent this from happening again. (i know that this is easier said than done as there have been many times that i have reverted back to the negative and got stuck in a rut ).

    I did some healing energy for Amantin last night and i couldnt feel the energy pull to the right hand side as strongly as i once did so i feel that she could be on the mend . Im still praying for her and envisioning Amantin, yourself and Sheila making contact with each other again soon.

    Once again many thanks Ramointa for your beautiful and kind words and for welcoming me to your thread <<<sending peace="" and="" whitelight="" 2u="">>> lots of love Mags</sending>

  • living on a prayer,

    thank you for sharing your story with me, we are not alone, we all go thru similiar issues, it is things like this that brings us closer to one another, yes, i too at times, have pulled back and i catch myslef, and have to get back up on my feet and start praying, and looking for light, you have no idea how much i appreciate you writing on this forum, i believe firmly amantin is going to be astounded when she returns to see so much love, pour to her, here and on the other thread, she deserves it, also thank you for letting us know that you feel the energy from what was wrong with her weaken, and that is great, that will be a great moment when she returns, i am sorry that it takes me so long to answer your post, apparently we live in different parts of the universe, my time schedule is from six in the morning to about ten p.m. eastern daylight savings time, today i got up super early at four a.m. thank you for the beautiful postings on both sites, they are just awesome, and the quotes are spirtually rich.

    talk to you soon,

    may the universe bless you always!



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