Hanswolfgang.. can you please help me

  • I need your guidance. I have been job hunting and I want to move out of the area. I have been given a new 12 month lease to sign. I have a feeling i should not. I dont really want to because I am hoping to find something soon that will get me out of here.

    my birthday is May 24th 1976.

    What should I do? Do you see me getting a new job soon?

  • geminirules,

    I need your guidance: pool your energy for your most important goal, for your biggest hope.

    my birthday is May 24th 1976: there is financial success, success in dealing with groups of people in some financial way is also indicated. Essentially this means a large sum of money and infatuation or obsession with money. It doesn't always mean that you will receive large sums of money. Sometimes it can merely mean a preoccupation with finances. However, the chances are much greater that a huge financial gain is forthcoming.

    What should I do? Sign a new 12 month lease. Drop the identification with your mind.

    Do you see me getting a new job soon? No.

    A prince was sent to a Zen Master to learn

    swordsmanship. It is a strange phenomenon, but in Japan

    it has become a reality that a Master of consciousness,

    a Master who teaches meditation, also teaches

    swordsmanship. That is very significant. That is

    what is needed.

    The prince went to the Master and he said, "My father

    has sent me. He is old and he is not going to live long

    -- maybe one year, two years at the most. He has sent

    me to you with the urgent message to prepare me before

    he dies. He would like to see me with your

    recommendation saying that I am ready, because if I am

    not ready then he cannot die peacefully.

    "In every other way I am ready: I have learned

    archery, swordsmanship and all kinds of things that are

    needed in war; I am a master in every dimension. And I

    went back from the university to my father to say that

    I had all these medals and trophies and certificates; I

    was ready.

    "He said, 'No, you are not ready yet, because the

    basic thing is missing. All that you have brought is

    good, maybe it will be of use some day, but first go to

    this Master to learn meditation, and to combine all

    your warrior's training with meditation. Unless

    meditation is supporting the warrior in you, you are

    just an ordinary warrior, and dangerous: I cannot put

    the kingdom in your hands. I will have to find somebody

    else. Go fast, and learn fast.'"

    So the prince said, "I am ready. Whatsoever you say I

    will do, but be quick."

    The Master said, "That is the first requirement, that

    time is not binding. I cannot say how much time it will

    take -- one year, two years, ten years, fifty years --

    nothing can be said about it. It all depends on you, on

    how quick you learn. I will try my best because I am

    old, I am also in a hurry. I was not going to accept

    another disciple, but if the king sends you -- he is my

    old friend, we both were under the same Master learning

    meditation -- I cannot refuse you. Your training starts

    from now."

    The prince asked, "What do I have to do?"

    The old Master said, "You have not to do anything

    except just ordinary things: cleaning, cooking, drawing

    the water from the well, cutting wood. But remember one

    thing, I can hit you any time from behind, so remain

    alert. Do anything, but remain alert."

    The prince said, "What kind of training is this? --

    but my father has sent me to you so it must be right."

    And he was continually being hit. The old man was

    really a great, skillful man. He would walk without any

    noise; you could not hear the sound of his feet, and

    suddenly from nowhere he would jump out and hit you


    Within fifteen days the prince's whole body was

    aching. It was difficult to sleep on one side because

    there it was hurting, and it was difficult to sleep on

    the other side because it was hurting, but he was happy

    too because now he had started hearing his Master's

    footsteps. Awareness had grown.

    Before he was not so conscious, so those footsteps

    were making a certain noise but it was so small, so

    subtle, that it was not in his grasp. Now his

    awareness, in such conditions, was bound to grow. He

    had to be alert, continuously alert: while doing

    everything he knew that the Master would be coming. He

    would be chopping wood, but no other thought would be

    there other than about the old man: from where would he

    appear and how would the prince defend himself?

    The old man would try to hit him and the prince would

    just catch his bamboo staff. Within three months the

    old man could not hit the prince a single time in the

    whole day. The prince was very happy; he thought, "This

    is a great day!" And his body was no longer hurting: in

    three months of continual beating his body had become

    like steel. Now he understood that he had gained a

    certain strength that was never in him before.

    Now when his hand held a sword, it was not a human

    hand but one made of steel. He was happy about his

    body, the way it had become stronger under his Master's

    hits. He was happy that he had become so alert that

    even when the old man was far away in the other room,

    he would be able to detect it. He would shout from his

    room, "Don't try anything -- I am alert"

    The Master used to come in from his room. One day the

    prince listened out for noises from the other room for

    twenty-four hours; and the Master could not beat him a

    single time. The Master called the prince to him. The

    prince was very happy, the old man was also very happy;

    he said, "Now the second part starts. Up to now I have

    been hitting you with a bamboo -- from tomorrow it will

    be a real sword."

    The prince thought, "A real sword! The bamboo was one

    thing -- I managed somehow and remained patient -- but

    now a real sword! If I miss even one time I am

    finished. And this old fellow, if he can hit me with

    the bamboo so hard that he has made my whole body like

    steel, what will he do with a real sword?"

    The old man took out his sword and he said, "This is

    my sword, so look at it. Watch it! This is now going to

    be after you continually."

    The prince's awareness arose like a pillar of light.

    He could feel it, because danger was there and now it

    was not a joke: it was a question of life and death.

    So the old man started trying to hit him but could

    not succeed for three months; not even a single time

    did he hit him. And the prince's awareness was going

    higher every day: he could save himself immediately.

    From the back the Master would try to hit.... And all

    kinds of work the prince was doing. With closed eyes he

    would be sitting in meditation: the Master would go to

    hit him and he would jump aside and save himself

    The Master called him, and he said, "I am happy. The

    second part of training is over." The prince said, "I

    am tremendously grateful and happy. I never thought

    that there was such a possibility inside me to be so

    alert. Not even a small breeze can pass by me without

    me knowing it. Not even a single thought can move

    within me without me knowing it. And I am happy that

    there is still something to learn.

    At first I was very hesitant, reluctant, unwilling:

    I was here just because my father had sent me. But now

    I am here because I want to be, and I don't think of my

    father and the kingdom or anything else. All I think of

    is to bring my consciousness to its highest peak,

    because the joys that I have known I was not even aware

    of, I could not have even dreamed about them. So start

    the third step."

    The Master said, "The third step is: while you are

    sleeping I will be hitting you with the real sword."

    The young man said, "That is perfectly right -- I am

    ready. I was afraid even of the bamboo; now I am not

    afraid of your real sword, not even in my sleep. Lately

    I have been watching myself sleeping. Turning, I know I

    am turning. When sleep comes to my body I know that

    sleep is descending... descending... descending, that

    it has taken over my whole body. But I am just like a

    flame inside, not asleep."

    The Master started trying to hit the prince, but the

    moment he entered the prince's room, the prince would

    wake up. For three months he tried, but he could not

    strike the prince even once. Then the Master gave the

    prince his sword and said, "Your father will

    understand, because he knows this is the sword my

    Master had given to me. Now you are capable of having a

    sword because you also have a higher quality of

    consciousness. Now the need for the sword is left far


    Increasing your consciousness has to be done.

    The responsibility is yours.

  • Thanks.. I started doing some meditation and spirtual work.

  • geminirules,

    my likings are different, your likings are

    different; my talents are different, your talents are

    different; my destiny is only my destiny, your destiny

    is only your destiny. In fact, only cattle are equal.

    Man is the only being on the earth who has uniqueness.

  • thanks! true true.

  • geminirules,

    love is a miracle. Your mother must have loved you

    tremendously. So be happy -- to find such a mother is

    rare. And to find the mother back in your own child is

    very rare. Now respect her, and don't be worried about

    it -- nothing is wrong in it. In fact through this

    incident, a great mystery is revealed to you -- that

    nobody dies, and that love is higher than life and

    death, and that love can control even life and death.

    Love is supreme. Love is the very stuff that the

    universe is made of.

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