Apologizing to Leo Man

  • Ok, so I'm a Gemini, and in my true nature I didn't quit while I was ahead when talking to my Leo bf of 9 months about a potentially explosive issue. I should know better than to approach something that he could take as offensive when he's tired and already grumpy, but I just couldn't shut my trap.

    He's refusing to take the blame for something that is partly his fault, and I was trying to get him to see how not paying to his apartment complex's new policy of requiring visitor passes resulted in my car getting towed Monday. He insists he'll never read the newsletter (where said information was printed) because "it's stupid." Normally I'll read the newsletter because I know he doesn't, but he threw this issue away before I could get my hands on it. So, I gently brought it up last night that he said he would reimbrse me for some of the money I had to spend to get my car out of storage, and he blew up about how it wasn't his fault and that he doesn't owe me anything.

    So, last night around 10:00, I brought up the newsletter and that he needs to start reading it, because they're going to start doing renovations on the complex soon. He blew up and said "I don't need this bullshit. I'm going to bed. I'll see you Tuesday or whenever. Goodnight." and hung up on me. I know we need to open a line of communication about this and I defnitely need to apologize for poking a sleeping bear because I know better (trying to have a serious talk at night with him is never a good idea). If I don't get it out in a timely fashion that he hurt me, even though I should have waited for a better time to talk, I'll implode and that will just make things worse.

    How on earth does one go about apologizing to a Leo man? I want to set things right again without backing myself into a corner where I make it all MY fault and let him off the hook completely. I also need to make sure I don't bruise his ego and make it even worse than it was to start with. I love him dearly, and he treats me like the center of his universe, but sometimes I feel like he's my third child!

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