For Captain

  • Hi Captain,

    this is funny but I wondered what your thought are on it.

    I read on your threads all the time for inspiration.. and so i saw you in my dream this morning.

    you were looking inside a glass box, which was filled with different white or milky colour boxes decorated like for holidays. and you said: "this Libra men is regretting he didn't talk to you then. about the past. He is dwelling on the past know. "

    I was surprised on this because I didn't expected it, and I don't even know his horoscope sign.

    i thought this was interesting to say it to you.

    best, a

  • This dream will have a specific meaning for you. Perhaps the Libran is not the one you are thinking of? Maybe I was in it becasue you need to consult a 'guide' (or yourself) about your feelings for this Libran.

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