I need help picking out a career choice and something else! so help me captain =

  • Ok so um i Love dancing but i cant choose between these future career choices. I love animals SO much so its between a animal doctor, Dancing I practice and love progressing thought about being a dancer so A dancer, And last an animator, I do have a talent of drawing!

    last im not sure if i should stay in my recent school or transfer out to Cascades an alternative school. wich would be best?

  • I feel that you love and empathise with animals so much that it would be hard for you to be a vet where you would have to daily deal with distressed and suffering animals. You could volunteer to help at an animal shelter in your spare time or run a place for homeless animals but I think the stress of being a vet would wear you down. I also think that the obsessive dedication and struggle you would need to be a dancer would drain you after a while. You could always dance in your spare time.

    I really think you could do well as an animator if you are prepared to put in the time and effort to study hard and work your way up through the ranks.

  • thank you. your very on point about the animal doctor part. i think id cry to take an animals life =/ . and a dancer thats true to so yeah thatk you i think ill stick to becoming an animator =]

  • It's a huge growth business of the future! I wish you well.

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