Bad relationship spread

  • I need help with creating a bad relationship spread, i am a new tarot user and am not sure myself, but i am writing a story where my main character's adventure starts with reading a bad relationship spread.

    anyway i'd like the spread to be 5-12 cards long, i'd like to know the spread name, what each position means and what cards go where...

    if anyone could help me i'd greatly appreciate it!

    thank you!!

  • I can tell you anything that has the 3 of swords, the Tower, 10 of swords, the devil, death and the Judgement card would definitely be a BAD reading when you are looking at a relationship.

  • Hello SuperNova,

    There are a lot of different spreads, and many that you can make up too to suit your needs. The Celtic Cross spread is the most traditional. It is comprised of usually 11 cards, but sometimes only ten. There are many minor variations to the Celtic Cross. Pretty much every Tarot book has a description of the Celtic Cross, and every book is just a little bit different in the Celtic Cross spread's positional description. I like using the description from It is:

    1 card = Self (how you view yourself, and how how are)

    2 (left of 1) = Situation (your current situation)

    3 (right of 1) = Challenges (what challenges you are facing, or what you need to overcome)

    4 (beneath 1) = Foundation (your base or sprirtual center. Influences from your life that have defined who and how you are)

    5 (left of 2) = Recent past (events from recent past that is influencing you)

    6 (above 1) = Higher Power (your spiritual strengths and influences or spirit guides and how that affects you)

    7 (right of 3) = Near Future (what's coming up)

    8 (right of the whole spread, slightly beneath it) = Blocks & Inhibitions (things that are holding you back)

    9 (above 😎 = Allies (the external forces or allies that are with (or against) you)

    10 (above 9) = Advice (what you should do)

    11 (above 10) = Long-term potential (a conclusion, or what's coming up in your more distant future)

    Some Celtic Cross spreads lay the first two or three cards on top one another at various angles, and some Celtic Cross spreads start with a 'base' card that you choose to define the inquirer. Those are a few of the variations.

    If you want a reading with bad associations use a lot of the 5 cards, and a lot of Swords. Do not have the Sun or Star or Fool anywhere in the reading. Do not have any 1's or 6's either. Make the long-term potential (card 11) the 10 of Swords, and the Near Future the 5 of Swords. Recent past perhaps the three of Swords or the 4 of Swords, and Allies lets say the 5 of Cups (or perhaps 5 of Wands).

    That sounds like a pretty dismal reading so far. Then throw a few major arcana in to add emphasis.

    I would hate to get that reading...

  • Description:

    10 of Swords in long-term potential means that things are going to end badly and not the way that you wanted it. It also means that you are going to be depressed or mentally unstable over it.

    5's indicate a major change, usually due to some sort of loss or failure. Near future of 5 of Swords tells you there is going to be much conflict and perhaps abuse.

    4 of Swords in the recent past would indicate that you have gone thru a hard and trying time (both mentally and physically) and that you need to take time to rest and heal. Perhaps even spend time in the hospital. If you do not rest so that you can heal, a serious illness is possible.

    3 of Swords in the recent past would mean that there was great emotional upheaval, and perhaps you have felt betrayed by someone that you trusted and cared about.

    5 of Cups in the Allies position would suggest that you have lost your emotional allies and are now alone, or perhaps dependent upon the wrong influences.

    King of Swords in the Allies position would also be bad. That would indicate that a very influential or powerful person (probably a man) is siding against you and wanting to block your progress.

    You could start with the Death card in the Self positon. That would indicate that the life you have been living has ended, and you currently have no clear path that you are travelling.

    How about the Devil card in your Foundation. That would indicate that you have had bad or negative influences that are motivating you. Influences that think only of themselves, and their lusts or cravings.

    I'm starting to feel negative just talking about this reading....

  • wow, thank you very much, this helps alot, i was already planning to use the 3 of swords. thanks again.

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