Dream meaning I fear I am in danger.

  • I had a dream this morning that my boyfriend was biting me on my back I would holler you r hurting me but he kept biting me. I leaped from the bed and ran to my mom who is passed and showed her my back it had at least 40 perfect hard bites lined up and down my back. We I went back into the bedroom to get my clothes he was sitting there and kept on lookin at me like he would do something I cringed back from him and I woke up.

  • Well, nightmares represent our fears and anxieities. You definitely fear he is hurting you in some way but it may not be physical. Your back represents the support of life and to dream your boyfriend is biting away at your self-support probably means you think he criticises you too much or is not supportive enough in some way. Maybe you feel he wears away your belief in yourself, your self-confidence. You ran to your mother for help and mothers are usually sources of support, love, and nurturing for us. Which means you feel you are not getting that from your boyfriend.

    Whatever it is, you need to decide if your boyfriend is the right person for you.

  • Captain

    Thank you for the reply. It makes alot of sense to me. He tries to be, he is very hard in personality. I do miss my mother. I am trying to make myself be right it is a long process but I think I will get it some day.

  • I'm sure you will. 🙂

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