I told a cancer guy i like him.. bad move? confusing help!

  • ok so were really good friends for a while now... we always flirt in our convo's im very comfortable talking to him.And i think he likes me too. i actually wasnt planning it was on accident like one of those post anonomyse but ended up not being anonomyse cause i didnt click a button so i text him telling to take it off cause i dont want pple to see... hes cool with it then he asks again if its true and goes like aww (my name)<3 u should have told me... and all but my replys were very insecure like eh didnt want to tell u like this blahh.. and he told me that he used to like me but has a gf now and put a sad face after..? hmm

    so a day later he puts that post back and replys with a dot... and makes this status saying i dont like u get over it or whatever and i have no idea who that was too because in the convo i told him lets go back to being friends and he's like sounds good and i asked why he didnt tell me before his reply was "it wouldve been awkward cuz if u didnt like me back" .... so that just pissed me off but i guess thats how cancers are

    butttt now i havnt talked to him since and he hasnt either.. whats going through his head was i too much? he has mentioned he had a gf but thing werent working out but supposedly no one knows about it..

    i dont know what to do ,what to think my head is spinning in circles i am clueless on what to do now.

    anyone tell me something about this cancer he's july 8 an im nov 1 ...

    im a scorpio...

    ps. before that we would always talk and i would be so happy and we would be comfortable talking to each other and we have soo much in common its crazy! and i guess its a good thing that i got him to tell me or whatver??...

    yeah of u have any comments feel free to say it 🙂

  • give him some space let him figure it out for himself.. im a cancer..he will give you a cold shoulder to dwell on what hes found out then he will come back when and if he is ready this is our nature. If you really like him. Make sure he understands that, show him he can trust you. You did good the fact that now hes giving you a could shoulder only means that he himself is lost give it some time!

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