Peaceful and hopeful tonight:)

  • I just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on all the things I have posted, I know maybe I should have never asked anyone about me having a baby and anything else I guess I just really wanted to know what the future holds If I will have one but nobody but god can give me one so I have to wait and at this moment I think Im content with it:) As far as socially with my husband it seems to be a bit better now that I got some things bothering me off my chest!! But deep down in me a little scared still about this baby with this women but Im ok nothing I cant surpass in time im strong!! As far as what to do in my life still alittle lost but we really want to open our own buisness and I was wondering if anyone could read and see what might be the best thing for us to open if its a good idea or not or find something else to do I am going back to college in oct for buisness management Im not sure whom said I was maybe going to go back to school but they were right:) So thank you all for everything keeping my head held high and looking at brighter days thanks again everyone:)

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