Please Help me Captain! I really need help Im breaking down!

  • Ok so on my birthday April 10 I got together with my ex Jeremy. 4 months pass and he tells me he stopped caring. But then on my aim I post statuses about my "boo" (Not really i did it to test how he truly feels) Then around 3am he calls me and basically tells me it doesn't bother him but then says he's a little jealous and that he misses me. Then he comes out the blue and says if i was there he'd have me in his arms. and finally admits hes not sure about how he feels towards me. Even said if he saw me he might try and get me back like the first time we broke up. But I love him so much. =[ I wana know if i see him again just once will he take me back? and where will things go from now? also how he really feels...?

  • What's his birthdate? This guy feels very unsure and indecisive, like he doesn't really know what he wants in life.

  • his name is Jeremy Anthony Burgos, and his birthday is June 18,1993

  • As you might have guessed, this is not good for a love affair or marriage. The beginning of this relationship can be deep and magnetic, almost hypnotic, and is further increased by an intriguing charm, pleasure orientation, and overall sensuousness. You two cannot help but be swayed by these influences and, once settled in the relationship, you will both find it difficult to emerge from it or leave it behind. Neither of you is used to this eenrgy and neither will know how to handle it. Your friend will probably put you on a pedestal; when he was young, he was very prone to hero-worship and in adulthood is inclined to repeat childhood patterns in his love relationships and friendships. If so, he will cast you in his favourite movie or video game role, as the star. He will initially be impressed by your strength and self-confidence until he realises how needy you really are. He will realise quite early on that you are not the movie star he took you for and thus are not for him. Even so, he will find it difficult to free himself from the relationship's magnetic attraction. In fact, he may find himself morbidly fascinated by his own entrapment in the relationship and by your role in the centre of this intricate web of intrigue. In his head, the relationship takes on the excitement and adventure he craves out of life. Eventually however, he will find someone else who he thinks is closer to his idea of a fantasy character. This guy is living in a dream world. Find someone who is into reality.

  • true very true. but its weird how he'll tell me he loves me as a friend and this one day he says he wants me in his arms he misses me T.T and says hes confused. and yeah i am needy cuz i never really had attention as a child so i fear to be forgotten as hell. as for him i also think he's expecting to much out of a girl. like he said his issue was that i wasnt flirty. yet i did so much for him. why should that even matter there are couples that dont flirt out there and just care for who one another is. and also i wanted to know why he hasnt talked to me lately? as much as he CARES

  • When he says he cares, he is in his fantasy world where life is exciting and beautiful and love is totally unrealistic and a game. When he dumps you, it's because he has been faced with the harsh reality that no one is perfect, not even himself.

  • he pften tries to find perfection and fails. so your right. would it be alright to just stay friends?

  • I don't feel this guy will remain a friend of yours for long. He will soon be off chasing his dream girl and life with other people.

  • when will I find the guy of MY dreams? i feel im to different for a guy to really deal with -.-

  • Only when you love yourself, will you find love outside of yourself. Until you first recognise it in yourself, you won't know it in others. The self is always the place to start.

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