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  • I'm pretty new to reading tarot cards and need to know if what I interpreted is on the right track. I asked about my relationship with someone I'd been seeing for a month or so. Things were going pretty good until he ditched me to go back to an ex about 3 months ago.

    I used a past, present, future spread. I pulled: Queen of Cups, High Priestess (Reversed), and Temperance. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

  • Hi Bethany

    I have just joined today, I am a tarot artist and have been reading for clients for many years.

    Your reading:

    Queen of Cups, past card.

    This shows you are a very giving, loving person who can sometimes give all to others without wanting anything in return. You gave this relationship your all!

    High Priestess reversed, present.

    With this relationship this card shows that you knew this might happen, this is a card showing your own intuition but it is reversed, so maybe there were signs that all was not well but you did not want to see them.

    Temperance, future. Lovely card to have here. Your heart will heal but you need to be patient you will be ok.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Love and light


  • I have a lot to learn here. Your insight is really dead on. I figured the first card represented me. There were red flags with this guy and I ignored them cause I really liked him.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Well this guy has popped back up, apology in tow. I did another reading which seems to be fairly positive. I get the 7 of pentacles a lot and I'm beginning to think this is me, putting in all this relationship work and continually having to see if anything will come to fruition. It's me being frustrated that nothing ever happens. I'm very hesitant to get my hopes up since I got hurt last time. The chariot and 3 of wands echo movement with us. I can never see the Sun as a negative card. The two of cups is all about forgiveness and love.

    Situation: 7 of pentacles

    Opportunities: The chariot

    Present lesson: 3 of wands

    Advice: 2 of cups

    Near Future: The Sun

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