Pisces in need of help!

  • Hello to everyone,

    I pulled three cards today while thinking about my long term boyfriend and our relationship. I badly hope that our relationship will survive my current obstacles ( I am a dreamer and he is a doer). He is a Sagittarius 11/24/1980 and I am a Pisces 02/24/1983 we have been together for 5 years.

    He is currently in Holland and we are considering this as getting some breathing room from each other. The problem is I am very afraid of losing him as Ive been struggling with family & financial issues that have greatly impacted on relationship.

    Also,I just recently had to kick my biological brother out of the apartment the three of us share together. His energy is very negative and I am also struggling to figure out if i should report my brother for animal abuse.

    I pulled the following three cards and I really need help in interpreting them as I have not read tarot card in quite a while and am very rusty.

    1- Queen of Cups

    2-The Lovers

    3- King of Swords

    Eternally grateful .

  • please please please help

  • Christianad, I wish I was more adept to reading the cards for you, sadly I can't, I sincerely hope the gifted ones on here see your request and can read for you, I do feel for you!!, and just wanted to say that I feel you have made a good positive move by removing the negative part of your lives out from the home, I feel this could well be the new starting point for you and your partner to maybe start afresh at the right time, all I can say about the "animal abuse" your brother did is to go with your gut instinct!!... these beautiful creatures SO deserve our love and respect!! ♥.....

    much love and healing to you

  • Healing ways, I have asked him to leave but I am not sure when he is going to do so (he has started packing).I would like him out before my boyfriend gets back to the states, so as you said we can start afresh.

    I tried calling the animal shelters in Boston to get some advice but they were closed. I feel like he should pay for his actions but I don't want to have him arrested. I have also started to ask around to see if anyone would take her in. I mean I am willing to take care of her for a couple of weeks if that speeds up his moving out but my boyfriend and I already have a lovely cat and don't really want to have a dog. By the way my brother has no idea I am looking for another owner for her but I know that he is still here because there are not that many affordable roommate situations where he can have a dog.

    I just cant handle her screaming, she spends all day in the cage in his room without any food or water, When he comes home he either throws her, chokes her or beats her with whatever object he can find. It has increased since I asked him to move out.I know that he really wants to do those things to me and is taking it out on her. I cant go in there because I am afraid of what would happen if he came home and saw me in his room, as he is pretty aggressive.

    I don't know if this is to much information but Thank you so much for your response it means a lot though you may not be adept at reading cards.

    Much love and healing to you as well

  • Hello Christianad:

    Myself being a fellow Pisces wants to help you understand I tried to find some meanings that will help you see what the cards are telling you I hope it helps. I am a little rusty so bear with me.

    The King of Swords is a man completely and utterly ruled by reason and logic. He gives no quarter to emotional sway unless the emotions are in full accord with that same reason and logic.

    When he appears in your readings, he urges you to calmly and rationally think through your situation, to tell the truth, speak eloquently, be reasonable and figure it out the best you can beforehand. You might save yourself some embarrassment in the end.

    Queen of Cups appears in a reading to indicate a woman, she will be a gentle and tranquil woman, romantic by nature, generous with her tenderness. She will be something of a day-dreamer - perhaps a bit unrealistic, but creative and hopeful.

    the Lovers card indicates that the querent has come across, or will come across a person, career, challenge or thing that they will fall in love with. They will know instinctively that they must have this, even if it means diverging from their chosen path. No matter the difficulties, without it they will never be complete.

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