Piscean damsel in distress, I need your help!

  • Hello to everyone,

    I pulled three cards today while thinking about my long term boyfriend and our relationship. I badly hope that our relationship will survive my current obstacles ( I am a dreamer and he is a doer). He is a Sagittarius 11/24/1980 and I am a Pisces 02/24/1983 we have been together for 5 years.

    He is currently in Holland and we are considering this as getting some breathing room from each other. The problem is I am very afraid of losing him as Ive been struggling with family & financial issues that have greatly impacted on relationship.

    Also,I just recently had to kick my biological brother out of the apartment the three of us share together. His energy is very negative and I am also struggling to figure out if i should report my brother for animal abuse.

    I pulled the following three cards and I really need help in interpreting them as I have not read tarot card in quite a while and am very rusty.

    1- Queen of Cups

    2-The Lovers

    3- King of Swords

    Eternally grateful .

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