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  • 3/9/2010

    I bet you guys can guess who i am, and yes i have made a new name too, thanks to the inspiration from MyJourney/Shatz/shelia the one with lots of names hehehe i have desided to make a new account, i figured as you all started calling me bee know i thought the name would stick, and its new feeling of being new is just great, iv had so much fun being on my account RebeccaAnn, that iv had to make one thats more me, from being on here, something new something fresh and having a place like this call my spiritual family makes me feel important, today was a beautiful quiet day and i am greatful for that, and although there was lots of cleaning to do i still had fun in between.

    you guys give me such hope and faith, and i hope you know how much i appreciate all your help, and support.

    Blessings to you AngelBee x

  • 4/9/2010

    Today i have had a little lie in as it is now 11:58am lOL more than a little i guess, just had my breakfast and a lovely hot chocolate yummy, though later on i do know we are going shopping for college things, like writiing equiptment and clothes yay more writing stuff hehehe, I am looking forward to going back to college next week, to get my timetable and lessing planners :O) And of course meeting new people, its so close to home aswell i think i will enjoy this college more than my last, though my last one did do a lot for me than they realised. And i am also hoping to do some more of my story today, if i get my head around it šŸ™‚ hope your all having a good day, its not sunny as it was yesterday, it is just a little cloudy today, so nice cool day hopefully, not too hot.

    And thats about it from me.

    Angel blessings Bee X

  • Hope you don't mind me popping in on my coffee break from cleaning AngelBee/Busy Bee.... šŸ™‚ Lovely little hive you created here my friend!!....

    what a wonderful lie in you had!.... good for you!! you need plenty of Zzzzzzzzz for when you start back to college next week, Happy Shopping for all your writing goodies....Ooooo I used to LOVE that too when going back to school after the long summer holidays, I remember the smell of all those new books, pencils, pens, my new little pencil case, the sweet fruity smell of the novelty erasers that started coming out at the time just before I left school, my new Blazer and uniform, shiny black new shoes, a new satchel......Oh dear! I'm showing my age now eh!

    see you soon, have fun weekend,

    I want to put picture on here for you but your posts look so neat and tidy I don't want to mess it up....:)


  • Hehehe, thats okay healingway's i do not mind pictures they brighten up my day, hehehe you mentioned uniform well in college we do not have that anymore, we wear our own clothes Yay thank god lol, i did love my uniform because i was always neat with it but it was still a hassle to put on in the mornings. i love the smell of new writing equiptment too healingway's and stuff like erases i like to get, espeacially pencil cases and note pads heheeh, loving it already, anyway were proberbly heading out soon, like i say i do not mind pictures there always has to be a messy side as well as a tidy one. hehehe.Im glad you remember that feeling thats always a good sign.

    Angel Blessings Bee X šŸ™‚

    Have a lovely day.

  • YAY!!! here we go then!!


  • How cute ! šŸ™‚ I like your new name Its Beeeautiful ! hahahaa I hope you like your lil cheese on toast šŸ˜‰

    I'm in a spring cleaning mood too ! Ahhhh bzzzy bzzzy !

  • Ethereal27, thank you glad you popped in I'm in a spring cleaning mood as well, i have been doing bits of cleaning here. and the shopping wasn't quite as planned we got more food than anything else hehehe, but i did get a few pieces of writing equipment and a new pencil case and note pad šŸ˜„

    now I'm almost ready Healing way's hehehe and thanks for the lovely picture.

    Angel blessings to you both Bee X

  • Bee, I called you that because of the way you signed your post! šŸ˜›

    I need inspiration to do some cleaning and I see I've found it here. Off to the store to buy something "not good for me" lol and then back to do a little cleaning on a very windy but sunny day!

  • Yellowdaylily, hehehe i guess now you know that i changed my name šŸ™‚ hope you like it as much as i do. and yup even when i had my other name i sign my posts as Bee, its cute nickname don't you think. glad you popped in.

    Angel blessings Bee X

  • 5/9/2010

    Heya y'all tis only lil old me again, doing ma little note diary thing hehehe, anyway i have not done much today its a bit dull outside, i mean looks like its about to rain, i had another lie in hehee, well ill be needing it, its now 10:55am i think its not as bad as how long i slept in yesterday,

    Last night i did have weird dreams, but i can never get my head around them and it was way to unclear to put it into sentences, so ill just say i had a weird dream, i call them nightmares because thats what they are too me, anyway dunno what im doing later, proberbly more cleaning, and proberbly have a lil old wash as well, not very interesting today im afriad, unless mum finshed work earlier we may go out if it doesn't rain, or we will just watch some movie or something, yesterday we watched Yes man it was funny, good old Jim Kerry.

    Anyway catch ya'll later, i may pop back to do some writing in my lil hive, Bee's creative writing šŸ™‚

    Angel blessings bee X

  • 6/9/2010

    Hey all well today for the first time in 2 years i helped my mum at work with the horse, i took a break from them for awhile, and when i went it was good seeing all the horse's there again, i hadn't actually been there properly yet and it was really nice, i did mucking out some stables, and fed horses, brushed them, cleaned up the yard, my feet actually hurt and my hands have blisters on them because of shoveling horses P.O.O.H And P.e.e out of the stables smelly smelly, but has to be done. it was nice seeing all the different types of horses there, and i really miss riding, maybe i will think about trying to find a horse sharer or something like that, so i do not have to get my own, as mum would say she can't afford another one, well cant blame her they are expensive too keep.

    i was there literally from 7 in the morning till 6 in the evening, it was great fun though i enjoyed it, and i may take a day every week there for some voluntary work experience to get some exercise and to just do something, as well may take swimming lesson too, as i still can not swim yet, silly me but that something to work towards for a goal i guess.

    Anyway it is now 6:15pm so we havent been back long, and were having meatballs and spaghetti for dinner so speak to you all again soon,

    Hope you all had a great day.

    Angel blessings Bee X

  • 7/9/2010

    hey all just a little quick stop by here, not much doing today but relaxing from all the work i did yesterday, still hoping to make it a once a week thing, to keep up and just do something outside for a while šŸ™‚

    Been raining here earlier pretty bad, but stopped now and is starting to be sunny, which is nice. had a lovely warm bath to help all my aching muscles from yesterdays physical work which i hadn't done in a long long time, and was still nice, looking forward to meeting some more new people when i start 2morow for college, Not much to write today so ill say good day to you.

    Angel blessings Bee x

  • 8/9/2010

    Hey all, today i am going to college, and will be going in the morning, pfft got confused and thought it was the afternoon, but i shall be leaving at 8:30am my time to catch the train wooop no more busses, fingers crossed for that anyway, its sooo much closer and do not have to wait too long either.

    Only 2 hours but thats okay it still good going out and doing the thing i want to do, and i dont mind going if i am learning something šŸ™‚

    Hope all have a good day today, its raining again so will have to grab a coat hehehe, Speak to you all later.

    Angel blessings bee X

  • Well today was a pretty hectic day, sorry i have not posted in awhile but not really been that busy and not really doing much interesting things. though today i had to rush around a lot got a chance of getting a job at an agency called aqua Doria looking after the elderly and working in my own times, so hoping that will be good. i was worrying about being late and i was late anyway LOL though they did not seem to mind, it has been raining a lot today and is now raining still got soaked a lot and feels like iv been wet all day heheh. ah well dry now and hopefully will start feeling better soon.

    College 2morow and work to catch up on.

    Blessings Bee X

  • Hey young Lady just stoped in to say hi and see how your doing and how school is going is it a big college ? I know you will do good i need to catch up own you stories have you started any new ones yet anyway miss ya Tooter

  • Helloooooo "BIRTHDAY GIRL".....

    I just wanted to pop in and wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY....hope you have a really great day!!

    much love to you my friend!!


  • Thank you so much healing way's sorry for not replying. been kinda busy.

    Love you and big hug's.

    Bee Xx šŸ˜ƒ

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