Parent worries

  • Hello all, have returned from my two weeks holiday and while I tried to have a good time my mind was otherwise preoccupied. My family recently discovered that my Dad has throat cancer and needless to say it has left us all in total shock. The treatment he has ahead is long and hard but hopefully it will work.

    What I would like to know is if there is anyone out there who can pick up on anything related to my dad and what the future holds for him.

    Many thanks


  • Dear Groovyer,

    I'm truly sorry to hear about your dad. I am not a psychic .But I do know there are many many new treatment now. Back in the 80s my mom had throat surgery and afterwards was able to talk but lost most her ability to eat. The good news is they got most the cancer. I strongly encourage you and your family to get lots of 2nd third opinions on the treatments as some are not reversible. My mom lived a long time after hers so please don't be discouraged. Love your dad. Then love him some more...and then some...

    My thoughts are w/ you

    Cheers P

  • Dear Pfree,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. The treatment he will be starting in two weeks is a 7 week course of radium and chemotheraphy. The doctors would rather not operate due to position of cancer, it is at the base of his tongue and an operation would take away most of the tongue. He has had a feeding tube inserted in the event that the treatment prevents him from eating because they need to keep his weight maintained.

    Again thank you for your thoughts


  • I'm glad to hear he does not need surgery. My mom had the feeding tube in her stomach for the rest of her life. She used to crack me up she would watch food programs and cooking shows. She was obsessed w/ food the one thing she could not have. I tried to get her to focus on things she did have more control over hobbies etc but she resisted. Are you able to do that w/ your dad? Does he have interests that can give him quality of life? My heart goes out to you dear. I read to my mom that sorta thing. How are the rest of your family doing? I trust you are not the only care taker? Just being present to them is all that's really required, but sounds like you are very aware of that.



  • groovyger,Just sending some warm thoughts your way...Keep positive thoughts.

    Peace,Light and Love to you and your family at this time.



  • Bless you all for your kind words.

    My dad has a small part time job that he absolutely adores but with the treatment looming he is going to have to give that up but hopefully he can resume this when the treatment has finished. My family are all extremely worried about the whole thing but we are nothing if not fighters and we will face this with all that we have together.

    Again bless you all.

  • groovyger,thats whats going to get your dad through, just a thought you have already probably done this, but just read on the treatments, I know my dad was exhausted after each treatment.. But he had other health issues.

    Everyone is different. But for me it helped to search and talk to others who have gone through the treatments.

    Sending you peace,light and love

    Namaste' ger


    aka shatz

    Just a note to let you know, if you need an extra shoulder let me know 🙂

  • Bless you all, truly.

    My main concern is now that I worry Dad has given up before the treatment has even started. The insertion of the feeding tube seems to have knocked the fight completely out of him. We are all trying to boost him up but I am scared for him, really scared.


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